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#1 2022-01-13 19:02:24

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CALC_PRESSION output error

Dear CA users,

I try to calculate pressure distribution between flanges.
Bolt has been modelled by mean of beam element, and has been connected to solid plates by mean of LIAISON_SOLIDE.
Bolt preload has been applied with thermal effect.

This model works well, but when I try to plot CALC_PRESSION the software gave me this error message:

>> JDC.py: DEBUT CR of execution of JDC in MIXTE
   ! <S> Exception user raised but not interceptee.                                    !
   ! The bases are fermees.                                                            !
   ! Type of the exception: error                                                      !
   !                                                                                   !
   ! CALC_PRESSION n'est pas programm sur des lments de structures (poutre, plaque, !
   !  coque, tuyau, poutre multifibre).                                                !
fine CR of execution of JDC in MIXTE

I try to:

1) export only results in solid element in CALC_CHAMP
2) refer to different mesh (without beam element) and use that to print pression load

In both cases the results are the same.

Please could anyone help me?

All the best,