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#1 2022-01-12 18:04:56

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Local mesh refinement on a subsurface - best practices

Dear all,

for a research side project I would like model/simulate a flat geometry (rectangular plate/belt with 60 mm width) that is loaded with a surface load on a defined subarea/subsurface. It is suggested to apply the load on a surface of size 10 x 10 mm with finer mesh (1 x 1 mm) and the overall mesh elements size is 10 mm.

I have attached the .hdf file with a mesh and a visualization (.png of a mesh). The question is what best practices could you suggest to have a mesh with only quad elements (without triangles in a mesh)? And what would be the best procedure to join two (non-conformal) meshes in .comm file in Code-Aster?

Thank you for any ideas, suggestions.

mesh_refinement.zip, Size: 53.17 KiB, Downloads: 96