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Error Removing elements - Edge Mesh Rigidity

Hello everyone,

I am new to CD so I hope I did not missed anything relevant posted before.

I am trying to simulate a simple excavation in 3D. I set an initial stage to create a prestressed state and in the second stage I am using the stresses calculated.

Initial stage runs without issues but in the second stage , I am getting a few warnings related to mesh edges:

<A> <MODELE1_63>                                                           !
   !                                                                            !
   !  - > the mesh M12 carries an edge finite element, but it does not border   !
   !  any element having" a rigidity".                                          !

and I also get an error like:

Erreur :                                                                        !
   !   Aucun élément fini du LIGREL model0  .MODELE ne sait calculer le              !
   !   paramètre: PSIEF_R de l'option:  TOU_INI_ELGA.                                !
   !   Le champ par éléments que l'on veut créer est vide. On ne peut pas continuer. !

Does anybody know how to guide me with the warnings and the error?
Attached I have the files.

Thank you all!

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