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#1 2021-12-08 13:39:47

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Non linear analysis for orthotropic material

Dear all,
I'm Andrea, a mechanical engineering student and I'm using Code Aster for my master's thesis work.
The goal of my thesis is to model delamination in composite material through open source software.

At the biginning I tried to use CZM law to model delamination but I didn't succeed because the model was too inrealistic: there were evident interpenetrations between the laminae and the crack didn't propagate (I tried to simulate the mode I of crack but it showed the same problems).

Currently, I'm trying to model this situation with another way: I'm using a contact method which is made by XFEM formulation and CZM relation for interface behaviour.
Now I met a new problem: the workflow that I used seems work only with isotropic behaviour and not with orthotropic (simply changed from ELAS_ORTH_FO to ELAS_FO the comm file runs).

Does anyone know if it is really possible to use a non linear analysis with orthotropic behaviour?
I attach the comm file to be clearer. 

I hope to recive some important answare for my problem; I having a lot of problem to undestard what is the correct way to set my work.

Waiting for your reply,
kind regards

Delamination_Test.txt, Size: 14.68 KiB, Downloads: 101