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#1 2021-11-02 17:05:19

jonas loenartz
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Hello everyone,

Forgot to introduce myself properly before. My name is Jonas Lönartz and I am currently working at Numeris, a small engineering service provider in Germany. We are specialized in providing numerical simulations for our customers. I embrace the open source spirit wholeheartedly. In my job I use OpenFOAM for CFD analysis on a daily basis and plans are, to switch from commercial FE-codes, namely Optistruct, to Code Aster as open source solution as well.
The few weeks I have tested Code Aster up until now have been great. The workflow feels very similar to OpenFOAM.
I was truly amazed, by just how powerful a tool Code Aster is.

Looking forward to many productive exchanges on this platform,
Jonas Lönartz