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#1 2021-10-06 14:30:35

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Macro-element with multiple interface types


I'm developping a model (harmonic with damping) with multiple substructures based on one macro-element, translated N times along a direction.

This macro-element has 4 interfaces that connect by pairs. I managed to model them :

- using the Craig-Bampton method for all 4 interfaces WITHOUT interface static modes (DEFI_BASE_MODALE() + 'CLASSIQUE')
- using the Craig-Bampton method for all 4 interfaces WITH interface static modes (DEFI_BASE_MODALE() + 'RITZ')

And I can't mix these two configurations by using 'RITZ' modal basis and only adding interface static modes of 2 interfaces, instead of 4. DYNA_VIBRA() doesn't work.

So is it even possible ? Or do I need to add interface static modes to my modal basis either for ALL interfaces, or for NONE ?

Thanks in advance for your help ! Best regards,
R. Nardin