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#1 2021-08-16 19:20:55

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Results on multifibre sub-points


I'm getting a hard time to get results on multifibre beam sub-points.
As a test, I started from the test case SSNL122A. I can import and run it and I can visualize on Paravis SIGM_ELGA on the cross section gauss points.

This test case uses a beam mesh in Aster format. However, if I try to use a beam mesh created with Salome... I can get DEPL on beam nodes but I cannot get SIGM_ELGA on the cross section!

Attached a simplified ssnl122a case, a mesh in aster format and a mesh in .med format. Both meshes and group definitions seems equal, however, I can only get the SIGM_ELGA on cross section if I use the aster format. If the .med mesh is used, the result of CALC_CHAMP(CONTRAINTE='SIGM_ELGA', ...) seems empty.

I am using Salome 2019.0.3 on Debian.

Any ideas?
Thank you!

ssnl122a_b.7z, Size: 3.04 KiB, Downloads: 38