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CA 14.6 with OpenMPI for PuppyLinux

Last two months I created for myself (and our students in future) a small distro with CalculiX, TFEL-MFront, CA, OpenFOAM. Only with CA its size is about 2.1 GByte as ova pack for VirtualBox and about 3+ GB with installation ISO image. I think it is not so trivial process to compile CA with MPI on Puppy, however it is Ubuntu based now. Yesterday I created a video with installation procedure (youtube watch?v=pV5omDaQLy8). I think it helps anybody who will try to make such portable version for any reasons (my reason is a low size of RAM in classroom computers).
Also I'l share ova and iso files in future, but now only ova has created.

The main instruction of installation, that I took, was created by Hui Cheng. It is the best instruction for Ubuntu based distro, I think. The first step is to install Puppy on hdd/ssd/usb drive and saving current state from RAM. The good way of CA installation is to do compilation of CA after loading from this drive. The main deb packets are in the list upper by link (sorry, link is not possible to create by my profile), there are gfortran g++ python-dev python-numpy liblapack-dev libblas-dev tcl tk zlib1g-dev bison flex checkinstall openmpi-bin libx11-dev cmake grace gettext libboost-all-dev swig libsuperlu-dev. If you have net - you can install debs with Puppy package manager. For Puppy such a list in attachment.

I have tested some cases. I did not check all tests, but perf012 and perf013 are work well, I think.

ncpus mpi_nbcpu Total time 
1        1        109.66
1        2       66.13   
1        3       53.69   
1        4        48.33
1        5        47.66
1        8        66.96
4        1        113.65
4        4        88.39
2        4        61.12

ncpus mpi_nbcpu Total time 
1        1        156.58
1        2              140.31
1        4        163.35
2        2        142.12

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