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EVOL_NOLI base write sequence limit

Hi - I am analyzing many factored load cases for lateral loading. Some of the cases of lateral loadings have common vertical loadings which happen first (e.g. vertical loading occurs in steps of time 0.0-4.0 with lateral load occurring in time 5.0).

I am doing something wrong I am afraid and when I complete the lateral analysis and CodeAster goes to fill the base the error says the sequence is larger by 1 than the maximum (e.g. 6.0 larger than 5.0). I think I have something wrong with how I specify inst_init or nume_inst_init but I can't figure it out.

What I WANT to do is to run a smaller set of vertical loadings and then just pick the right one for my larger set of lateral loadings that I do using reuse, ETAT_INIT, etc. At this time, I create a Python list of EVOL_NOLI to store all my lateral loadings. I can then just copy my vertical load result (COPIER) into this list as it fits (sometimes in one slot, sometimes in more slots) and then I can move on to the next vertical load combination. Each time I do a vertical load case, I have to destroy some concepts (DETRUIR) but the EVOL_NOLI product I think I need remains. The problem comes when I do the restart in STAT_NON_LINE on the individual lateral load cases. I want to use the initial condition of time 4.0 from the vertical analysis (which I have stored a copy of in my Python list) and then add the lateral loading to get to time 5.0 of the final lateral load analysis. It's just when this run of STAT_NON_LINE completes and tries to write to database that I seem to be "out of room" or something in how I have managed the indexing and I can't figure it out. I have attached "EXP" and "EXP2" COMM files within a zip file. The first fails with the error. The 2nd works - because the vertical and horizontal are done together! You need to look from line 522 and beyond I think to see the difference. Before this it's a bunch of custom nonsense.

Thank you for any help or questions or guidance or examples you can provide!

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