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#1 2021-04-14 15:09:48

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Concept disappearing from bases


I hesitated to post it here or in the code_aster usage because I use code-aster in a specific way.

I use it as a mechanical solver for iterative algorithms and I face some problems with concepts which disappear from the bases during my iterations. I posted something similar in the usage forum ( Problem after CREA_RESU in testing 15.2 version) and it was modified in the unstable version. I tried it and it worked. But other concepts seem to behave likewise.

I am using almost the last version of the unstable version available on sourceforge (15.3.14...). I have at least 2 examples for which I have these disappearing problems : one using only linear solvers and an other one using STAT_NON_LINE.

I join you the first case. The second one requires a little bit more file to run. I could prepare you if needed.

Thank you for your help,