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#1 2021-02-04 13:23:39

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Memory usage between CA 11.4 and 13.4

Hello all,

I ran the same simulation twice on Windows 10 using Code Aster 11.4 and 13.4 and noticed a big difference in the process memory usage.

For 11.4 simulation:
- Private Bytes peaked at 25 GB
- Working Set peaked at 25 GB

For 13.4 simulation:
- Private Bytes peaked at 72 GB
- Working Set peaked at 23 GB

I know that a strategy to keep contiguous memory space available requires to ask system for reserved memory pages (no physical page is used, but the address is kept until the page is fred or the page is committed). Those pages are nor committed, nor free, but flagged as reserved. However, if I'm right, they are included in the Private Bytes report of the process, but not in the Working Set. (Also, they are included in the Commit Charge, though technically not committed.)

That's why I believe those differences are explained by a strategy in the 13.4 to reserve memory addresses.

Am I right? Is there something else behind those huge differences?

Laurent Astart