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#1 2021-01-07 21:31:05

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Really annoying limitation of Code Aster

I am doing a structural analysis of a quite simple beam structure. The local code asks for different load factors on Dead loads and Live loads depending on the load combination being analyzed. So easy enough I created the Dead load function and another for live load with proper multipliers. when I tryied to solve I get this error message.  I remember long time ago when studying Jean pierre's book reading this warning.  Will this ever be fixed?

How should I deal with load combinations and this limitation?

   ! <S> Exception user raised but not interceptee.        !
   ! The bases are fermees.                                !
   ! Type of the exception: error                          !
   !                                                       !
   !  The loading contains more than one distributed load. !
   !  Computation is not possible for the models of beam.  !

Second question.

How can I extract the reaction moments on a fixed support? I see in REAC_NODA there are moments relative to an arbitrary point. I am totally confused as on all the other software I have used, there is no arbitrary point to define the reaction moments. Please help me understand this.