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#1 2019-11-24 14:07:11

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Permission denied ASTK

I've just installed code aster 14.4, with all prerequisites described in "Code Aster -> Downloads -> Prerequisites", and using the following process described in the book "Beginning with code aster", Aubry J.P:

#we suppose myself is the user name
#in most Linux distribution it (myself) belongs to users group
#change to directory /opt
cd / opt
#become root
#at prompt give password
#create sub directory /asterxxx
mkdir asterxxx
#change the owner of /asterxxx
chown myself : users . / asterxxx

Beginning with code aster, Aubry J.P. wrote:

The line ASTER_ROOT=’/opt/asterxxx’ has also to be changed
in the setup.cfg file, sitting in the unpacked archive directory."

But an error appears when I try execute ASTK:

manasses@manasses-Aspire-E1-571:~$ Error in startup script: couldn't open "/home/manasses/.astkrc/log.astk": permission denied
    while executing
"open $ashare::fic_log w+"
    (procedure "ashare::init_log" line 3)
    invoked from within
"ashare::init_log ".astk""
    (file "/usr/share/astk/astk.tcl" line 42)

Also, I've installed salome meca, and the same error appears when I try to open ASTK in the path: "/home/manasses/salome_meca/V2019_univ/tools/Code_aster_frontend-20190/bin".

How can I fix that?

Thanks in advance.