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#1 2019-10-28 17:43:04

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Jay Kramer from Boston, USA


I am a geotechnical and mining engineer from Boston in the USA.  I have over 20 years experience with finite elements.  Most of my experience deals with geotechnical problems.  I have used many different software packages.  My favorite is called FLAC which is a finite difference code.

I am really excited to learn about Code-Aster/Salome-Meca.  It is outstanding that this excellent software is open-source.  It has many of the features that I love about FLAC.  I am currently working on coastal engineering projects and look forward to developing geotechnical models using Salome-Meca.

One of my interest is coupling finite elements with discrete elements, however, I do not know if I have time to pursue the effort.

Thanks to all the great and generous developers of Code-Aster and Salome-Meca