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#1 2019-10-20 22:17:13

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Installing old version 11.3

i am having trouble with an installation of an ancient version 11.3 of Code_Aster. Background is i implemented a special constitutive model only in version 11.3 and now need to reproduce some calculation results for a publication. Strangely, a fresh installation of the source from  aster-full-src-11.3.0-3.noarch.tar doesn't show any error, but when i try to recompile with make inside STA11.3 directory or with as_run --make --vers=STA11.3 an error occurs:

compilation of elements with /home/dan/simulation/codeaster/ver11.3/STA11.3/asteru
                                                                        Segmentation fault (core dumped)
Exit code : 4
as_run 1.11.0


On the other hand, when i use the latest as_run from version 14.4 with as_run --make --vers=STA11.3 the error now is

OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '$ASTER_TMPDIR/dan-dan-GE72VR-6RF-build.13645'

as if the script takes the shell variable $ASTER_TMPDIR literally. It actually creates a directory with name $ASTER_TMPDIR in my ASTER_ROOT directory (i.e. inside STA11.3). Expected behaviour would be to replace $ASTER_TMPDIR with the default /tmp directory.

I current use ubuntu 19.04 (disco) with corresponding compilers. I would be glad if there is a way without messing around with package versions for my os. Can you give me some hint how to compile version 11.3 or how to extend verbosity of error messages?