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#1 2018-07-06 17:54:48

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error runnig .comm file


I am a newbie in salome_meca. I am trying to run an aster study in salome meca running a .comm file.

I have separately created a mesh in salome and exported in a .med file.

Then I have created a new study with file>new command, I have saved it (file>save as) in a .hdf format,
I have opened the mesh module and imported the .med file.
I have then opened the aster module and tried to import a stage.comm file (add stage from file) that I have created with a separate editor.
But salome_meca gives me an error:

The stage cannot be converted to graphical mode.
Do you want to create a stage with the first commands and a second with the last part in text mode?
See the details for the unsupported features.

How can I fix the error ?




#2 2018-07-07 17:32:15

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Re: error runnig .comm file


When you import a .comm file in AsterStudy you get this message if there are some additional commands or raw python code other than the pure code_aster commands or maybe if there are some errors in the commands, I do not know if you in some way controlled if the .comm file is correct but I would guess that you did not, if you did not manage to run it yet. In any case, you can always accept to create two stages by clicking yes, I am not sure though if this can lead to some reordering of the commands which could cause problems.

My suggestion is that you try to reconstruct all the commands inside AsterStudy interactively and try to run the analysis. By doing that you can then obtain the .comm file of that study and try again to import it in a new study. I am pretty sure it should be able to load it without asking you the same question.

Regarding the .med file you do not need to import it in the mesh module, which is not connected to AsterStudy. You have to attach it, instead, in the LIRE_MAILLAGE (Read a mesh) command that you should use in AsterStudy. If you import a .comm file you assign the .med file, as well as any other associated files, by clicking on the "Data Files" tab of AsterStudy on the left column.

Hope it helps,

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