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#1 2018-03-02 23:03:36

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Simple Thermo mechanic analysis

Hello I want to do a very simple analysis, take a rectangular piece of a single material object and fix the outer faces then cool off the material and solve for stress.

Following the documentation it shows that one has to do the following:

1.- perform a thermal calculation (linear mesh)
2.- Project the results to a new mesh (cuadratic)
3.- Calculate the static analysis on that second mesh.

Since all I want is to simulate material shrinking, I will just cool off all the material say from 300K to 0K, so I think I don't really need to solve a Thermal analyis for that!!! I know my initial state is all the mesh @ 300K and my final state all mesh @0K .

Can I use a crea_champ to create the second temp field (the one @ 0K) 

Can someone just outline how to do such a simple analysis?

Thanks in advance.