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#1 2017-03-30 01:25:27

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Contact condition (inequality)

Hi everyone.

I'm running a coupled analysis, thermal and mechanical.

Due to the thermal shrinkage, both bodies (body_1 and body_2, as seen in the attached figure) are going to separate one from the other (body_2 has higher coefficient of thermal expansion). I need to apply a prestress on the external face of body_1 to ensure that it does not separate from body_2, but this force shouldn't make body_1 get closer to body_2 than the initial gap.

Regarding the analysis, I know how to impose contact conditions and run the coupled study. So the question must be:
How can I impose a condition such as:

if g<=g0:  #(where g is the gap and g0 is the initial gap)
    #stop simulation and print prestress
   #keep running simulation

As well, I need to declare that, even though there's an initial gap, the two bodies are initially in contact. Is this done with CONTACT_INIT = 'OUI' in CONTINUE formulation?

Thanks in advance


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