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#1 2011-09-26 10:09:51

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Second Order Post Processing for Salome

Greetings All,

I want to view SIEQ_NOEU results in Salome for TETRA10 elements but get "un-smooth" stress plots (gauss point results are fine, but managers don't like looking at these). The model does not contain 2D elements. I seem to remember that I need to project the results back to a linear mesh (PROJ CHAMP) to do this, but can't find any Forum discussion covering this. Does anyone know if I'm correct, or can I view second order results directly in Salome?

Thank for your time.


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#2 2011-09-26 20:36:51

Thomas DE SOZA
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Re: Second Order Post Processing for Salome


If your boss does not like Gauss point results, explain him that viewing them at these points is one of the greatest value of Salomé since it alleviates extrapolation issues.

Be advised also that using PARAVIS (the paraview component of Salomé) you can plot Gauss Points results using square for each Gauss Points and change their size : this enables to   plot an almost continuous scalar map. Moreover of the advantages of PARAVIS is that it can plot Gauss Points results on the deformed shape !