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#1 Re: Code_Aster installation » [WINDOWS] version 10.1 with MED available » 2010-03-03 19:47:40


Eficas 1.17 ported on Windows can be download here :

Tips :
- you need the old NECS environment, so download and install STA9.0 from NECS web site or asterwin.sourceforge.net
- unzip this file INTO the ASTER/OUTILS directory. Two files will be replaced (eficas.bat and acrobat.bat) and a directory will be created
- launch ASTER/asterdos.bat
- launch eficas.bat

Don't know if it work without the STA9.0 environment. Maybe changes will be minor to do so.

Note that you can create a STA10.1 directory inside NECS environment and put the file from Pimeca as they exists in STA9.0 directory.
You can use as_run.bat or ASTK (you must add STA10.1 in ASTER/ASTK/ASTK_SERV/conf/config)

Should work wink

A. Assire