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#1 Re: Code_Aster usage » Internal variables in the cohesive zone model » 2023-01-25 13:37:10


Thanks for your response,

Yes, I've already checked it but the problem is it is in the same material then there will be no interpolation!
And indeed, regardless of the values superieur of the domain mentioned in the documentation, I still can not find any explanation for the changing damaged zones from one step of loading to another.

Would you please help me with a source or document for a better understanding of the meaning of the internal variables?

Merci par avance,

#2 Code_Aster usage » Internal variables in the cohesive zone model » 2023-01-24 14:43:08

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In order to produce the cracked zone in the mortars in the wall model in high temperature, I tried to model mortars with Element Joint (3D JOINT) model.
However, I have difficulties understanding the meanings of the internal variables of this cohesive zone model!
As an example, the documentation R07.02.11 explained that:

'' V2 : indicator of dissipation =0 if linear mode, =1 if dissipative mode. ''

But I have values bigger than 1 which I can not understand its meaning.

This is the same story for other internal variables too,

Or another issue is if we describe V3 as the indicator of damage (for bigger than 0), then how can the damaged area be changed by increasing the load?

Would you please help me in understanding the meaning of each variable?