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#1 Re: Code_Aster usage » Glued contact between shell and solid » 2022-01-21 03:22:37

Hello again, so it turns out our mistake  lies within the model assignment part of our elements. In my case, the order of model assignment ruined it. I assigned a certain element as beam "POU_D_E", and then made an assignment of 3D for everything else...I realized that the latter removed my "POU_D_E" assignment, so when I assigned beam properties to the element that is supposed to be a beam through "POUTRE", I got an error.

In your case, I believe you should have assigned a shell model to your shell elements s_1 and s_2 instead of 3D. In Code Aster, that would be "COQUE_3D"

#2 Re: Code_Aster usage » Glued contact between shell and solid » 2022-01-20 11:01:43

I encounter quite a similar error: you cannot assign values of the SHELL" type" to the model model !
   !  which does not contain only one element shell"

but in my case I was assigning dimension to a beam "POUTRE"

I wonder if you already figured out a way to correct your code?