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#1 Re: Code_Aster usage » [SOLVED] Bolt pretension lock » 2022-08-11 14:56:33

Hello Jean Pierre,

Thank you for your quick answer.
I am trying to add bolts to another model that has been built using COQUE_3D.
To my anderstanding, COQUE_3D is adapted to geometries with high curvature.

Best regards,

#2 Re: Code_Aster usage » [SOLVED] Bolt pretension lock » 2022-08-10 15:04:14

jeanpierreaubry wrote:


here are
the gmsh script to build the geometry
the .med filefrom it
the .comm file

2 differents ways of handling the bolt to plate joint
some lines have to be commented or uncommented according to the calculation type

if anything looks stange ask

jean pierre aubry

Dear Jean Pierre,

Thank you for the valuable files, they're really helped me.
I reproduce your case, it works just fine using DKT.
But when I change it to COQUE_3D. Of course i converted the mesh to quadratic and then QUAD9, also I converted the bolt lines to lineare mesh since POU_D_T works only with SEG2 elements.

You can find the figure of comparaison attached.

Thank you very much,


#3 Re: Code_Aster usage » Size Error or CA Bug? EXCEPTION JEVEUX1 13 .... EXCEPTION CATAMESS 55 » 2022-06-22 23:06:20


I am facing exactly the same error on code_aster windows
   ! <EXCEPTION> <JEVEUX1_13>                                                                      !
   !                                                                                               !
   ! Le répertoire de noms &CATA.GD.NOMGD          $$XNUM contient 168 points d'entrée, la requête !
   ! sur le numéro 0 est invalide.                                                                 !
   ! Ce                                                                                            !
   ! message est un message d'erreur développeur.                                                  !
   ! Contactez le support technique.                                                               !

it appears when I want to write results extracted from a base using the POURSUITE command.


#4 Code_Aster usage » Different output from AXIS and COQUE_3D » 2022-04-21 17:28:08

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Hello everyone,

I am studying a very simple case of a 1m height cylinder of steel with a base using elastic analysis.
A pressure of 0.1 MPa has been applied on its lateral wall, nothing is applied on its base other than a fixation of the center.

I studied two radii 0.5m and 1m.
all cases have been studied using two methods: COQUE_3D and AXIS.

For r=0.5m, the displacement and the behavior is similar between COQUE_3D and AXIS (as you can see attached)
for r=1m, I couldn't get a convergence even if I refined more than once the mesh, I am really stuck.



   ! <S> Exception user raised but not interceptee.                !
   ! The bases are fermees.                                        !
   ! Type of the exception: error                                  !
   !                                                               !
   ! Solver MUMPS:                                                 !
   !  The solution of the linear system is too vague:              !
   !  Computed error:  0.00112041                                  !
   !  Acceptable error:  0.0002                                    !
   ! (RESI_RELA)                                                   !
   !                                                               !
   !  Advices:                                                     !
   !  One can increase the value of the key word SOLVER/RESI_RELA. !

I tried to block the top too, but the results are non physical.

All the cases have been given in the attachment.

Any help would be very appreciated
Thank you in advance.

#5 Code_Aster usage » Export thermal conductivity to visualize it in ParaVis » 2021-11-17 15:48:53

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Hello everyone,

I am using THER_NON_LINE where the thermal conductivity depends in temperature.
I would like to know whether there is a way to export the conductivity to visualize it on ParaVis.
Thank you in advance,

Best regards

#6 Re: Code_Aster usage » Thermics in a moving plate » 2021-11-17 15:10:46


Thank you for your reply.
I don't know how to get in touch with an expert to answer my question.
I'll be gratefull if you have any recommendations.

Best regards,

#7 Code_Aster usage » Thermics in a moving plate » 2021-09-08 16:56:43

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Hello everyone,

I succeeded to implement a thermal model of a moving plate (see the figure in the zip attached)
I also attached the case and the .comm to this thread.

My case is a non linear steady problem where the conductivity varies with temperature.
and since my plate is moving, I used THER_NON_LINE_MO. I created a field with CREA_CHAM that will hold the values of the velocity.

 speed = CREA_CHAMP(
    NOM_CMP=('DX', 'DY'), 
    VALE=(0.1, 0.1)

This field has being used to define the velocity in AFFE_CHAR_THER

    GROUP_MA=('wall_b', 'wall_t')
      GROUP_MA=('wall_l', ), 
    ), _F(
      GROUP_MA=('wall_r', ), 

The results were satisfying.
Now I would like to have a formula for the velocity (no longer constant).
So Here I defined a formula of my velocity (veloX,veloY)

veloX = FORMULE(
  NOM_PARA=('X', 'Y'), 

So I changed the previously created field accordingly (I changed NOEU_DEPL_R to NOEU_DEPL_F, and entered my formulas) as shown below.

 speed = CREA_CHAMP(
    NOM_CMP=('DX', 'DY'), 
    VALE_F=(veloX, veloY)

The problem is when I run the simulation I get the following problem

 ! <S> Exception user raised but not interceptee. !
 ! The bases are fermees. !
 ! Type of the exception: error !
 ! !
 ! le champ speed n'a pas la bonne grandeur : !
 ! grandeur autorise :DEPL_R !
 ! grandeur du champ :DEPL_F !

After I have read in documentation of AFFE_CHAR_THER, I found the following :

Name of the field speed at the moment when calculation is carried out.
This field is a concept cham_no of type cham_no_depl_r. It must have been defined on all the
model for which one carries out calculation.

My question is this : is there a way in code_Aster to define a position dependent speed ?
Any help will be very appreciated.

#8 Re: Code_Aster usage » CONVECTION in thermal simulation » 2021-09-05 16:31:16


I really struggled long time with this same problem.
I would like to know weather you succeeded to find a solution.
Any help will be appreciated.


#9 Code_Aster usage » Thermics: rotating 2D cylinder (Kiln) with fixed temperature » 2021-09-02 01:29:06

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Bonjour tout le monde.

I am struggling to simulate steady heat transfer in a hollow rotating cylinder (a case similar to the Rotary Kiln Furnace). please find attached a representation of the case.

The angular velocity "omega" is constant, and the boundary conditions at the inner face are not uniform (two temperatures Tf and Tc are applied at different arcs of the inner face). The Fourier equation of temperature (to resolve) in a cylindrical coordinates (r,Theta) writes:

rho*cp*omega*dT/dTheta = (lambda) Laplacian(T)

(I didn't expand the Laplacian in (r,Theta) coordinates)

Is there a way to resolve that equation (case) using Code_Aster ?

I’ll be grateful to any suggestion

Thank you