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#1 Re: Salome-Meca installation » SalomeMeca2019 on Fedora 31 » 2020-02-24 10:42:00

Dear Beda17,
I have followed exactly all your instructions, and for me it worked. I was able to use entirely Salome-Meca 2019 without problems. I must sincerely thank you, with this occasion, for your very accurate instructions.

But when I tried  all that stuff, in Fedora 31, for the previous version of Salome Meca (2018), I was able to install it, but it didn't start. By pure chance, I have discovered why: the problem was the version of python! In Fedora 31 the default version is python 3, they emphasis the fact they massively drop out python 2. In Ubuntu Bionic (recommended on the official site), the default version is still python 2.

The trick that I have used was to install python 2, alongside python 3, in Fedora 31, and to put a symbolic link of "python2" from "/usr/bin" to "~/bin" with name "python" . ($PATH must contain "$HOME/bin" before "/usr/bin". I have made by myself the folder "bin" in my Home directory )
So, the default version for the user is python 2.
After that, I have reinstalled, with no problem, the original form of Salome Meca installation kit, for both versions: 2018 and 2019. And they both worked like a charm.

In case of some problems (which I suppose that are very probably to occur) with other software, you can just rename the link "pyhton" in $HOME/bin , and the default python version become again 3. (Salome Meca 2019 worked for me with python 3, but Salome Meca 2018 didn’t. I believe that in your case, the problem was python 3. I also believe that it is safer to have the default version python 2, for the user, when you work with Salome Meca/code Aster. I must mention that I have used a XFCE version, downloaded from official site, for Fedora 31. Also, the renaming of libstdc++.so.6, that you have specified in your post,  was necessary on machines with ATI display adapter, and no necessary on a machine with a NVIDIA display adapter, at least on those that I have tried)

Best regards