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#1 Re: Salome-Meca installation » SALOME MECA fatal error in UBUNTU 20.04 » 2021-08-28 14:35:14

Many thanks to all of you!!
Just to inform: this solution (removing libstdc++.so.6) for me worked fine also with Debian 11 and Salome-Meca 2020...


#2 Re: Salome-Meca usage » Interaction soil-structure model » 2019-05-19 13:47:35


After reading documentation and some videos from the net, I got a result for my problem following Ferney’s advice. It seems pretty good and I want to share the result (comments are welcome, take in account I’m a beginner with Salome Meca...).

Regarding the model:
- Type of elements: DKT for the structure of the reservoir and 3D for the soil.
- Netgen was used and the mesh was densified in the contact surface zone.
- Internal hydrostatic load where applied.
- For the parameters of the soil, Young Modulus was asumed higher than normal (just to see displacement in the same order than the displacements of the structure). I used linear elastic material wich is a big simplification but good enough for me.
- Apart from displacements, generalized forces were calculated in the structure.

Further possibilities I see: explore results with different type of meshes, use simetries from the model, particularly, with a cilyndrical reservoir, axisymetric elements and 2D model for the soil should be an interesting test.


(attached a sceenshot for the displacement field, the mesh and the .comm file)

#3 Re: Salome-Meca usage » Interaction soil-structure model » 2019-05-08 00:37:37

Hello Ferney,
Yes, I think so. The way you propose seems the right way to face with this type of problem.
I’ll try and if I get a decent result I’ll post it.
First of all I need to learn about (It's not an easy topic but very interesting).

Many thanks for your advice!

PS:You’re right: I’m structural engineer...

#4 Salome-Meca usage » Interaction soil-structure model » 2019-05-05 14:59:47

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Hello to everybody,

This is my first post in the forum.
I’ve installed Code Aster and Salome-Meca and I could run simple models successfully.
Even reading the official info and the very good Mr. Aubry’s book, I foud the learning courve a bit difficult (at least for me…)

Now I’m trying to model a water reservoir placed over ground level with Salome Meca.
No issues modelling the structure (DKT elements) and hydrostatic pressure load.

My problems come with the boundary conditions.
To run the model I fixed the nodes in the slab perimeter but a realistic situation is considering the soil reaction to the slab displacements.

My question is: Which is the right way to take in account the soil reaction (Winkler model)?

I think I could use springs in every node of the slab, difficult to implement if the elements of the mesh has different contact areas (circular plates eg.). Other problem is that the reactions should act only with positive displacements.

Other option could be to get reactions as a pressure to the elements faces depending on the average displacement in every element (winkler constant in N/cm3 eg). I don’t know if this exists in CA.
May be, there are other options to use ¿?

Many thanks if you advise me the direction to follow to solve this issue.

(attached in the zip file you find the mesh and stage files)


#5 Introduce yourself / Présentez vous » Hello from Montevideo, Uruguay » 2019-03-20 12:28:58

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Hello to everybody,

My name is Jaime Terzano, I’m a civil engineer and I love Linux and open software in general.

Months ago I started exploring Code Aster and Salome meca. Despite I’m a complete beginner with this package; I’ve found that it’s a powerful tool and it has a lot of possibilities to help in practical cases. My idea is to learn about and use it.

Many thanks to all the people who collaborate with this project ad made possible the usage to the community.