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#1 Re: Code_Aster usage » [SOLVED] Error on complex curved sheet metal with shell elements » 2021-08-25 19:03:33


I might have been sloppy but there were discussions about ANGL_REP at some points,
there was a post "How to use angl_rep or vecteur and what they mean" in 2017, from GiuliaM_91 and an answer from Johannes_ACKVA (can not post link in the forums, but you should be able to find)

"The problem in your case: V was perpendicular on (at least) 1 surface element, so the projection could not be done. Perhaps you did not use
ANGL_REP nor VECTEUR. In such a case Code-Aster used the default ANGL_REP=(0,0,). Which means that V is the global X-axis. The projection fails then for elements being in the global Y-Z-plane.

The good thing: often you do not need the stresses to be output in a special local coord system. It can be in ANY local coord system. In this case simply change VECTEUR or ANGL_REP in the manner that they do not make the default (which caused your problem). Simply try anything, for example ANGL_REP=(0.11,0.22,).

Also good: The often needed van Mises stress does not depend on the local coord system because it is a tensor invariant of the stress tensor"

and the example
"# Spec of local CoordSys for stress calc in 2 different manners: ANGL_REP or VECTEUR

So, since i wanted Von Mises Stress from my model, i went with something similar from some models.

Please correct if that is wrong (Aster experts)


#2 Re: Code_Aster usage » [SOLVED] Error on complex curved sheet metal with shell elements » 2021-08-24 13:09:55


Could you specify a bit your environment for the CAE in Salome ?
In particular, the number associated to the MED file?

You have

If the unit is wrong, it may be that the file is not read at all.

From very old files, i had something like
mesh = LIRE_MAILLAGE(identifier='0:1',



mesh = MODI_MAILLAGE(identifier='1:1',



                     ORIE_NORM_COQUE=_F(GROUP_MA=('Plate', 'Pipe', 'Chamfer')))

model = AFFE_MODELE(identifier='2:1',

                    AFFE=_F(MODELISATION=('DKT', ),



                    MAILLAGE=mesh) "

Reading of mesh, reorientation, then DKT affectaction.
Given that nothing was assigned in your case, it may be that the mesh file was not read at all.

You could post your CAE file directement, it shouldn't be too big seeing the picture of your mesh.


#3 Re: Salome-Meca installation » Salome Meca 2019 new version (2019.0.1) » 2019-10-22 13:51:44


Same here, on Ubuntu 18.04, following the pre-requisites installation.
Message "can not import OpenTurns; check your installtion"

(no issue with Salome_Meca_2018 on the same machine)

It doesn't help, but the additionnal message might get some attention about the current status.

Have a nice day

#4 Re: Salome-Meca usage » Get stress values at one node after an harmonic analysis » 2019-06-14 08:28:31


You may need to add a specific command to add the creation of the stresses as a result of your 1st calculation.
It doesn't appear in your command file.

# Analyse dynamique
resharm = DYNA_VIBRA(identifier=u'1:3',

# Récupération de la FRF au noeud central, l'endroit où est positionné le capteur en réalité                    
FRF = RECU_FONCTION(identifier=u'2:3',

# Récupération des résultats en module/phase                   
FRF_modu = CALC_FONCTION(identifier=u'0:4',

FRF_phas = CALC_FONCTION(identifier=u'1:4',

              SEPARATEUR=' ,',

You should add a line for CALC_CHAMP or POST_ELEM: check the various tutorials / step by step calculations / examples

#5 Re: Code_Aster usage » Looking Expertise: Impact of cracks in cast part [Services providers?] » 2018-12-07 02:32:18


I contacted directly members of the ProNet network.
Will close the thread.


#6 Code_Aster usage » Looking Expertise: Impact of cracks in cast part [Services providers?] » 2018-11-30 15:00:16

Replies: 1


A bit out of the blue: a problem i have and i think some people/companies using Aster might have the expertise.

I have seen differents studies @EDF dealing with cast part with crack, crack propagations and possible impact on part durability.
I am looking for people/companies with such expertise for a specific study.
I don't know if it is better to contact Code Aster's ProNet companies individually or post such a message.

So, if you/your company have such expertise, please give me a contact email / message of interest.
I would follow up with more details

Starting point could be
3D/2D of a system with a cast part
Abaqus model of the full system (yes...not very appropriate for the forum, but i have seen companies transferring Abaqus to Aster. Code is not important for the problem at hand)
Description of cast part defect
Description of some of the failure

Being able to assess if and how a defect could propagate

I work for an international company with presence in France, Germany among other countries

If i am missusing the specific forum, please tell me, it was not on purpose.
I initially tried the Pronet forum, but i am not a member.

Have a nice day and weekend

#7 Re: Code_Aster installation » Location of code aster installation » 2018-11-25 01:02:28


Just for the sake of completion:

1) I have been able to install (get the source, compile with GNU compiler) Aster on Ubuntu 18.04.
It is installed and works as a solver (attached image/message from a calculation)

2) I understand you are new to Ubuntu, Aster, Salome, here a few comments:

a. Now, Aster doesn't come anymore with a small convenient editor to create the commands to run the code, linking mesh with boundary condition, mecanichal properties, requested calculations, post-processing fields.
That was Eficas in previous versions
Hence Aster 14.2 is really only the solver and some tools to launch it [my understanding, if somebody tells me it is wrong, i would happily ask how to launch/use Eficas again!]

b. To create the commands to run the code, the current tool is AsterStudy, integrated as a module in Salome-Meca.
Salome-Meca also integrates Geometry creation, Meshing, runnning the Aster solver, post-processing.
As a result, Salome-Meca should be the only thing you need.

c. So, i don't really understand why you mention you only need Salome, then mention the different modules.

So, you opened some questions in another part of the forum.
To close this one regarding Aster alone:
*i could compile/install Aster14.2 (standalone) on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with GNU compiler.
*it works. I miss Eficas! Aha ha ah


#8 Re: Code_Aster installation » Location of code aster installation » 2018-11-23 14:24:48


I don't remember exactly how i installed Salome-Meca but Salome-Meca is simple enough to get, unzip, launch the installation script and then you just click on the installed icon to launch Salome-Meca; which contains Aster inside.
No need to also download Code-Aster and compile it.
I guess i installed the pre-requisites from the Ubuntu repositories, just to be safe. (see Code-Aster pre-requisites)

On Ubuntu 18.04 see my home folder (attached image)
I don't remember it being troublesome.

Additionnal info
- my installation is 18.04 but upgrade from 14.04->16.04->18.04 so my python is 2.7 (some users reported issue with python3)
-your post is in "code-aster installation", not Salome-Meca installation and i am mostly talking about Salome-Meca working well.
I used to install separately Salome and Code-Aster by compiling it.
As i was unsuccessfull compiling Code Aster on Ubuntu 18.04 and Salome-Meca was easy to install, i didn't continue with Code-Aster as a separate install.
=so, if you really want Salome on 1 side and Code-Aster on another side and integrate both, my message would not be usefull...at all. In that case, sorry for mixing up things.


#9 Re: Code_Aster installation » Location of code aster installation » 2018-11-23 02:15:39


I do have the same kind of installation and would try to give you a feedback tomorrow (early in the weekend)

Normally, Salome-Meca is enough to have both Salome and Code Aster and use them.
Code Aster solver will be called from Salome-Meca.
Depending on your needs, there might be no reason to install Code-Aster in addition to the Salome-Meca package.
In the past, Salome (standalone) had to be installed, Code-Aster (standaloine) had to be installed.
Recently, with Salome-Meca, 1 install lets you do everything from geometry creation to meshing, mechanical inputs, resolution, post-processing.
As i haven't worked in it for sometime, allow me 48hours to check on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS


#10 Re: Salome-Meca usage » Flexible Dynamic Riser Systems » 2018-06-16 02:21:34


Free Codes because of funding issues or free /as speech? Are you a researcher in a university?
Typically, those simulations are quite specific with only a small numbers of engineers, not much "free software" available.

I remember you could dowload MOSES from Ultramarine, but it has been acquired by another company and license has changed.
Unless you find an university code downloadable or ask 1 company for "research version" of their software, it could be hard to find a free code.
Principia softwares were the teaching code at my former school, a long time ago.

Maybe check MIT with their open course programs (for the USA) on offshore engineering, maybe there are some codes available
I don' remember the name of another big university for offshore engineering in northern europe.

With Code Aster, you could maybe use the CABLE element and have the linear force along the cable depending on the depth.
But i don't know how you would deal with CABLE properties, effect of wave motion, choose between linear and non-linear hypothesis...,
(old memories from Principia DeepLines)

Sorry i can not help more

#11 Re: Salome-Meca usage » Flexible Dynamic Riser Systems » 2018-06-12 07:26:35


Having studied Oil & Gas with offshore platform and riser systems modelling, you might be better served by softwares like Principia DeepLines (risers if i remember correctly) / Diodore (naval)
[not allowed to post links, so Google it or 3W.principia-group.com/engineering-products/]

Not making advertisment: there are many others for this kind of softwares but that's what come to mind.

This may be more adapted than Code Aster with Salome


#12 Re: Code_Aster installation » Installation on Redhat/Centos 7 GLIBC error » 2017-02-02 11:51:05


i am not an expert so, maybe later you could have a better answer from others members:

a. the  message is
  The fortran test program checking the LOC function with a loop failed.

Reasons :
  - it is known to fail using GNU Fortran 4.6.1 (and may be other releases)
    but it should be fixed using '-fno-tree-dse option'."

=> it is written above this message that using -fno-tree-dse option' with your compiler doesn't work "Checking for fortran program if the gcc bug #51267 is fixed with -fno-tree-dse option... no"

So, basically, it makes sense (at least to me ;-)) ) and it could be mainly a compiler issue with GCC 4.8.2, maybe having a bug from earlier version not being fixed.

b. would it be possible for you to try to compile Aster using the Intel Compilers for C++/Fortan, which are free for non-commercial use?
It is just a practical approach, others members may propose better solutions.


#13 Re: Salome-Meca installation » [SOLVED] gmesh exception in Salome Meca 2016 » 2016-10-06 01:08:27


Although not exactly the same message, i had an issue here

which i solved by a link to one of my system library.


#15 Re: Code_Aster usage » [SOLVED] Some question about gmsh and salome postpro » 2016-09-23 14:38:27


In the picture you posted, the result file you showed still had the number 20, not 80 as recommended.
To enforce the number 80 using ASTK, just pick "rmed" on the left box with arrows or use ASTK to create/choose a "rmed" file in a folder then give it a name.

Also, if you post your files, people could try to replay the issue and better help you.


#16 Re: Salome-Meca installation » [SOLVED] GMSH plugin in MESH Module: issue with libgfortran.so. » 2016-09-23 14:24:35


It worked with something like "ln -sf [location of my system libgfortan] [location of the Salome libgfortan -in prerequisites something-]"

Thank you very much

#17 Re: Code_Aster installation » [SOLVED] Weird issue with Astk on Ubuntu 14.04 » 2016-09-15 13:30:19


After sorting out the graphic driver install, it looks like ASTK was producing Warning message about the name/structure of the directory.
i couldn't see them / do anything about them because they were displayed on the display managed by the 2nd GPU.

Now that there is only 1 driver for 1 GPU so 1 graphic display, i can see the error and ASTK behaves Ok

#18 Salome-Meca installation » [SOLVED] GMSH plugin in MESH Module: issue with libgfortran.so. » 2016-09-15 10:19:32

Replies: 2


I was trying the GMSH plugin of Salome Meca 2016 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
It issues an exception, saying that version "GFORTRAN_1.4" is not found in the prerequesite libgfortran.so.3. It is required by /usr/lib/liblapack.so.3gf

Does somebody know how to solve this?
(a link?)

Thanks in advance

#19 Re: Code_Aster installation » [SOLVED] Weird issue with Astk on Ubuntu 14.04 » 2016-09-15 09:56:26

Part of the Astk log (Aster 13.2 installed with GNU)

<INFO> Session started : 15/09/2016 - 16:36:11 (process id 2686)
<INFO> ASTK version 1.13.8
<INFO> Current theme:
<INFO> Domain name not defined for localhost. Remote machines couldn't contact localhost. Fill the domain name through Configuration/Preferences/Network menu.
<INFO> Full name of localhost : littlesony
<INFO> The DISPLAY above is without domain name. It's possible that remote machines could'nt open windows.
<INFO> Display applications to littlesony:0.0
<INFO> Command ps used : ps
<INFO> Check step completed : 0 error(s).
<INFO> Debug mode actived (level 3)
<INFO> Get informations about the configuration of littlesony. Please wait...
<INFO> External command on littlesony (server id : -1) :
   /home/laurent/Public/aster/bin/as_run --proxy --info --schema=asrun.plugins.default.info /tmp/astk_laurent/.info_export_1473928957612  --log_progress=/home/laurent/.astkrc/logprogress
<INFO> Process number : 2919
<INFO> ============================== STANDARD OUTPUT ==============================
protocol_exec : asrun.plugins.server.SSHServer
protocol_copyto : asrun.plugins.server.SCPServer
protocol_copyfrom : asrun.plugins.server.SCPServer
proxy_dir : /tmp
plate-forme : LINUX64
batch : non
batch_memmax : 3883
batch_tpsmax : 9999:00:00
batch_nbpmax : 2
batch_mpi_nbpmax : 32
interactif : oui
interactif_memmax : 3883
interactif_tpsmax : 9999:00:00
interactif_nbpmax : 2
interactif_mpi_nbpmax : 32
vers : testing
vers : 13.2
default_vers : testing
noeud : littlesony



============================== STANDARD ERROR ===============================

>>> 16:42:38.493  [start@/home/laurent/Public/aster/lib/python2.7/site-packages/asrun/main.py:75]
Command line run on 'littlesony'
using python executable '/usr/bin/python' :

>>> 16:42:38.495  [__init__@/home/laurent/Public/aster/lib/python2.7/site-packages/asrun/system.py:194]
AsterSystem param :
{'remote_copy_protocol': 'SCP', 'remote_shell_protocol': 'SSH'}

>>> 16:42:38.505  [Shell@/home/laurent/Public/aster/lib/python2.7/site-packages/asrun/system.py:517]
remote command ( <> littlesony and laurent <> laurent) ? False

>>> 16:42:38.506  [GetMemInfo@/home/laurent/Public/aster/lib/python2.7/site-packages/asrun/system.py:872]
cmd :
cat /proc/meminfo
background : False
follow_output : False

>>> 16:42:38.628  [GetMemInfo@/home/laurent/Public/aster/lib/python2.7/site-packages/asrun/system.py:879]
GetMemInfo 'memtotal' returns : 3883

>>> 16:42:38.628  [Shell@/home/laurent/Public/aster/lib/python2.7/site-packages/asrun/system.py:517]
remote command ( <> littlesony and laurent <> laurent) ? False

>>> 16:42:38.628  [GetCpuInfo@/home/laurent/Public/aster/lib/python2.7/site-packages/asrun/system.py:850]
cmd :
cat /proc/cpuinfo
background : False
follow_output : False

>>> 16:42:38.631  [GetCpuInfo@/home/laurent/Public/aster/lib/python2.7/site-packages/asrun/system.py:858]
GetCpuInfo 'numcpu' returns : 2

>>> 16:42:38.632  [get_limits@/home/laurent/Public/aster/lib/python2.7/site-packages/asrun/common_func.py:177]
Limits returned :
{'interactif_memmax': 3883,
'interactif_mpi_nbpmax': 32,
'interactif_nbpmax': 2,
'interactif_tpsmax': '9999:00:00'}

>>> 16:42:38.632  [get_limits@/home/laurent/Public/aster/lib/python2.7/site-packages/asrun/common_func.py:177]
Limits returned :
{'batch_memmax': 3883,
'batch_mpi_nbpmax': 32,
'batch_nbpmax': 2,
'batch_tpsmax': '9999:00:00'}

>>> 16:42:38.632  [PostConf@/home/laurent/Public/aster/lib/python2.7/site-packages/asrun/run.py:584]
installation dirs (aster_root, confdir, localedir, LANG)
16:42:38 INFO     ----------------------------------------------------------------------

>>> 16:42:38.655  [ProxyToServer@/home/laurent/Public/aster/lib/python2.7/site-packages/asrun/services.py:150]
'--proxy' used for action 'info' and args : (u'/tmp/astk_laurent/.info_export_1473928957612',)

>>> 16:42:38.656  [ProxyToServer@/home/laurent/Public/aster/lib/python2.7/site-packages/asrun/services.py:176]
Input export : /tmp/astk_laurent/.info_export_1473928957612
AsterProfil object   = 0x7f77a69b9b00
.filename            = /tmp/astk_laurent/.info_export_1473928957612
P aster_root /home/laurent/Public/aster
P platform LINUX64
P protocol_copyfrom asrun.plugins.server.SCPServer
P protocol_copyto asrun.plugins.server.SCPServer
P protocol_exec asrun.plugins.server.SSHServer
P proxy_dir /tmp
P serveur littlesony
P username laurent

16:42:38 INFO     retreive configuration informations of the server
16:42:38 INFO     execute on laurent@littlesony : /home/laurent/Public/aster/bin/as_run --info

>>> 16:42:38.677  [Shell@/home/laurent/Public/aster/lib/python2.7/site-packages/asrun/system.py:517]
remote command ( <> littlesony and laurent <> laurent) ? False

>>> 16:42:38.678  [local_shell@/home/laurent/Public/aster/lib/python2.7/site-packages/asrun/core/server.py:50]
cmd :
/home/laurent/Public/aster/bin/as_run --info
background : False
follow_output : False
16:42:38 INFO     returns 0

>>> 16:42:38.795  [call_generic_service@/home/laurent/Public/aster/lib/python2.7/site-packages/asrun/plugins/default.py:201]
    ******************** OUTPUT of as_run --info ********************
    protocol_exec : asrun.plugins.server.SSHServer
    protocol_copyto : asrun.plugins.server.SCPServer
    protocol_copyfrom : asrun.plugins.server.SCPServer
    proxy_dir : /tmp
    plate-forme : LINUX64
    batch : non
    batch_memmax : 3883
    batch_tpsmax : 9999:00:00
    batch_nbpmax : 2
    batch_mpi_nbpmax : 32
    interactif : oui
    interactif_memmax : 3883
    interactif_tpsmax : 9999:00:00
    interactif_nbpmax : 2
    interactif_mpi_nbpmax : 32
    vers : testing
    vers : 13.2
    default_vers : testing
    noeud : littlesony
    ******************** END of as_run --info ********************

>>> 16:42:38.796  [Sortie@/home/laurent/Public/aster/lib/python2.7/site-packages/asrun/run.py:733]
exit 0

#20 Re: Code_Aster installation » [SOLVED] Weird issue with Astk on Ubuntu 14.04 » 2016-09-15 09:54:01

Astk being displayed, after clicking on "quit"
1 window on a separate desktop (which was not set-up and i don't know quie how to access it)

#21 Code_Aster installation » [SOLVED] Weird issue with Astk on Ubuntu 14.04 » 2016-09-15 09:52:24

Replies: 3


Recently installed Aster 13.2 (compilation with GNU) and Salome-Meca 2016 and having the same weird issue on Ubuntu 14.04

1) When launching ASTK from Aster 13.2 or Salome, the ASTK window doesn't appear.
Only when i tell him to quit (right click on the astk icon, then quit), the window starts to appear, seem functionnal but is not (can't open any file, takes forever to open).

2) Same issue with Salome Meca and ASTK

3) No issue with Eficas

4) In my network configuration, i don't have a domain name (Ubuntu standard? I used to work on Debian)
=> could that be the main issue?

5) Weird stuff: when doing the print screen to show the issue, a welcome screen appear on somewhere and is captured by the printscreen program, but i have no virtual desktop enable (or so i think)
[EDITED] 1 display was from Integrated GPU, 1 other from NVIDIA GPU. Solved with configuration file update / driver update

Could somebody provide a clue?


#22 Re: Code_Aster installation » Problem with installation (Intel Compilers) » 2016-09-10 23:57:35


I haven't tried that for a while but i remember i used to do a combination of
then for the MATHLB, i would either
* manually specify the libraries
* or use INTEL MKL Adviser and copy/paste theirs advices in the MATHLIB
https://software.intel.com/en-us/articl … e-advisor/

There were threads how to do that a while ago.

That being said, was the same for me on Ubuntu 14.04
Intel gave me the issue
Didn't bother and use either GNU or SALOME-MECA directly


#23 Re: Code_Aster usage » fatigue calculation for shell element » 2016-08-14 02:23:40


If you want somebody to help you, it would be best to post your mesh and comm file so that people could replay the calculations and have a better look at it.


#24 Re: Code_Aster usage » Modal Analysis with dummy object » 2016-08-14 02:22:11


It should be possible as you have the choice to model anything.
However, the best might be for you to describe better your problem to others users, maybe with simple drawings and stuff like that .


#25 Re: Code_Aster installation » Pb d'installation med, mfront et aster » 2016-07-23 16:30:38


I should mention that, still following the installation read_me for Aster 13.2, the list of test should be launched after creating a file astout.export like this:

        # parameters
        P actions astout
        P version 13.1
        P debug nodebug
        P mode interactif
        P ncpus 1
        P nbmaxnook 500
        P cpresok RESOK
        P facmtps 3
        P tpsjob 300

        # list of the test to run
        F list /tmp/list_seq D 0

        # results destination
        R resu_test /tmp/resu_test R 0

But this is wrong for 13.2: the line "P version 13.1" should be changed to "P version 13.2"
because aster would look into one of the folder /13.1 for config.txt whereas it should look in a folder /13.2 where config.txt actually is.

Some of your issue is related to "config.txt" not found, so it may be part of the issue.