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#1 Re: Salome-Meca installation » Run salome_meca-2021 [Singularity] » 2022-05-14 03:48:34

That worked!  Thank you very much...

However, I still get:

ERROR: ld.so: object 'libgtk3-nocsd.so.0' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (cannot open shared object file): ignored.
< repeats >

Is this normal?


#2 Salome-Meca installation » Run salome_meca-2021 [Singularity] » 2022-05-07 14:51:41

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Hello all,

I am trying to run salome_meca-lgpl-2021.0.0-2-20211014-scibian-9.sif in Ubuntu 22.04 with singularity successfully installed.  It fails to launch as follows:

not exist: /etc/krb5.conf
WARNING: Could not find any nv files on this host!
ERROR: ld.so: object '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgtk3-nocsd.so.0' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (cannot open shared object file): ignored.

The library is present:

locate libgtk3-nocsd.so.0
ls -al /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgtk3-nocsd.so.0
-rwSr--r-- 1 root root 26616 Mar  2  2018 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgtk3-nocsd.so.0

(Is it a permissions problem?)

The version of Singularity is:

singularity --version
singularity-ce version 3.10.0-rc.1

OS is:

uname -a
Ubuntu 22.04 5.15.0-27-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Thu Apr 14 04:55:28 UTC 2022 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Does anybody have any hints?  This is my first foray into using a 'Singularity' container.  And yes, I am walking out on a limb trying a relatively new release of Ubuntu 22.04.  If I do not succeed, I will try on my Ubuntu 20.04 box.


#3 Salome-Meca installation » [Solved] Install Salome_Meca-2020 in Ubuntu 22.04 » 2022-05-07 13:50:25

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Hello all,

I was able to successfully install SalomeMeca-2020.0.1-1-universal.tgz in a fresh install of Ubuntu 22.04 and my notes are show below for others who might benefit too:
Yes this is testing the bleeding edge of an OS just released, but Ubuntu is quite a mature product now, and I am taking the plunge having used it since 5.10 at least.  I had previously installed it on 18.04, 20.04, etc. and wanted to give this OS release a shot, early on.   I faced more trouble downloading the software, than installing it.  Something that I have not faced before in many many years.  I do not know why the connection or download was stalling so much this time.

cd /tmp
wget -nd --timeout=600 --continue https://www.code-aster.org/FICHIERS/salome_meca-2020.0.1-1-universal.tgz

I used the timeout & continue options because the download was failing numerous times.  I had not faced this problem in the past decade.

sudo apt-get install tcl tcl-dev tk tk-dev
sudo aptitude install python2

Install the pre-requisites.  I assumed that by now python3 would be suitable, but the install will fail to create the menu entry, desktop icons, etc. if python2 is not installed in your computer.

sha1sum salome_meca-2020.0.1-1-universal.tgz
# 4882ae785034ca31bdb6018b138ac33cde0697b3  salome_meca-2020.0.1-1-universal.tgz
md5sum salome_meca-2020.0.1-1-universal.tgz
# d6fb934ff967ee32aebc4e46ab703b47  salome_meca-2020.0.1-1-universal.tgz

These differ from what is posted on the download page, but my install seems to be okay despite the mismatch.  Also the self check during installation said all was good.  Also I recall one of the Aster guys posting in the forums that the signature might be incorrectly published on the website.

tar -xvf salome_meca-2020.0.1-1-universal.tgz

I used the /tmp folder, which you need not...

    Menu -> Education -> SalomeMeca...
If you get the error:
"OpenGl_Window::CreateWindow: glXCreateContext failed."
Then run the following:

cd ${HOME}/salome_meca/V2020.0.1_universal_universal/prerequisites/debianForSalome/lib/
rm libstdc++.so
rm libstdc++.so.6
rm libstdc++.so.6.0
ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6 libstdc++.so.6.0
ln -s libstdc++.so.6.0 libstdc++.so.6
ln -s libstdc++.so.6 libstdc++.so
ls -al libst*

Happy computing!

(back after a long period of absence...)

#4 Re: Salome-Meca installation » Salome-Meca 2014.1 download not available yet? » 2014-02-02 15:27:01

Hello Jean Pierre AUBRY,
Thanks for the pointer.  The way it has been done for years is just a little bit mis-leading, but I will try to remember that several months from now! ...
I suggest that the listing for SalomeMeca also be linked like all the other Code-Aster listings on the main section.
Regards, JMB

jeanpierreaubry wrote:

it has been like this for ages
jean pierre aubry

#5 Salome-Meca installation » Salome-Meca 2014.1 download not available yet? » 2014-02-01 12:38:02

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According to the news announcement Salome-Meca 2014.1 is available for download as shown here:

But is it not available at:

Somebody forgot to link the web-page?

Regards, JMB

#6 Re: Code_Aster installation » Eficas in English » 2012-10-05 01:42:00

Dr.Faustus wrote:

iìm interested in developing this translation,'ive had a look at some message.po, but i dont understand how i've to use this message.po
In he eficas folder there isn't any message.po to overwite.. Could you tell me some tips about it?

Hello Dr.Faustus,

Sorry I have not been active on the forums for a long time, so I did not see your message until today, but I did read something about i18n in this doc that may be useful in your efforts, if multl-lang support has not already been incorporated into Eficas, which I have not checked lately in newer versions of CodeAster.  Maybe somebody more knowledgeable about this can comment further...

http://www.code-aster.org/V2/doc/defaul … .04.03.pdf

Regards, JMB

#7 Re: Salome-Meca installation » Salome website down? » 2012-02-07 15:56:39


Several days have passed and I still get "Site is under maintenance. Please re-try later."  Does anybody have any idea about how much "later" really is expected to be?

Regards, JMB

#8 Salome-Meca installation » Salome website down? » 2012-02-04 14:56:45

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This is not really related to Salome-Meca, but it seems the website http://www.salome-platform.org is not functional.  Does anybody have any information about it?

Regards, JMB

#9 Code_Aster usage » [SOLVED] Thermal expansion/contraction » 2011-12-16 22:20:27

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Is it possible to use CA (any version) to calculate residual stresses using HYPER_ELAS material when it is subjected to a temperature change?

Regards, JMB

#10 Re: Code_Aster usage » [SOLVED] "metal forming" contact problem with shell elements » 2011-11-16 14:26:21

pilafa wrote:

- First, the upper mold goes down and deform the plate. Then, it goes up (it returns to it's initial position).
The deformed plate has residual plastic deformation. However, the plate doesn't stay in contact with the lower mold.
Instead, it goes up again (I'm not sure if I'm clear :S ...look at the figure attached in my last post).
I understand that this is due to the soft spring that pull the plate back.
I tried without the soft spring, but when the upper mold starts going up, I have I singular matrix (due to rigid displacements I assume...)

Hello pilafa,

If you remove the springs there is nothing to hold the plate!  You have a rigid body freely floating into space, which with (or even without) the slightest touch is floating away uncontrolled, like a weightless object in outer space.

With the springs incorporated in the model, you will see the plate moving back up, but that is where you have to compromise in using soft enough springs that it does not significantly affect what you are modelling, but is sufficient enough to keep the problem numerically stable.  Another reason for this 'spring back' is commonly seen in stamping due to the linear-nonlinear portions of the stress strain curve of the material coming into play.  Hope this helps.

Regards, JMB

#11 Re: Code_Aster usage » Using OpenMP or MPI with DYNA_LINE_HARM » 2011-11-15 16:07:13

Thomas DE SOZA wrote:

- the other way is to use MUMPS as a solver and increase the number of MPI process used to do the job.TdS

Hello TdS,

That is what I was attempting using SOLVEUR=_F(METHODE='MUMPS',PCENT_PIVOT=10,RENUM='METIS',),; but I was not sure if that was the right way to do it.  It did not reduce the time, but in fact multiplied it in proportion to the number of parallel cores the solver was using (asked to use).  Hence my request for help.  Thanks.

Regards, JMB

#13 Re: Code_Aster installation » Tmp directories specified in asrun » 2011-11-14 20:37:24

Hello courtois, Thank you for the details.  It is clearer now.  Regards, JMB

#14 Salome-Meca installation » Enable CodeSaturne in SalomeMeca2011.2? » 2011-11-13 18:01:57

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How does one enable CodeSaturne (CFD Study)  in SalomeMeca2011.2?  It is missing from the menu bar.  I am using CAELinux2011.  Thanks.

Regards, JMB

#15 Code_Aster installation » CodeAster syntax highlighting for editor » 2011-11-11 17:48:27

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Hello developers,

Is there any text Linux editor that has a template available for highlighting CodeAster keywords in manner similar to the Python highlighting?  Or has somebody developed such a capability?

If not, I would like to configure the gedit text editor to use CodeAster syntax highlighting as shown in the attached image.  To do that I am looking for a COMPLETE list of all the keywords and options used in CodeAster as an ASCII text file with one word per line.  In the past I gathered what I could here: http://www.code-aster.org/wiki/doku.php … p120_terms  But I am looking for an official comprehensive list (of course without the explanation for these keywords).  I believe such a feature in a text editor makes CodeAster command file editing immensely easier on the eyes (& brain)!  Look forward to hearing from any of you.

Regards, JMB

#16 Code_Aster installation » Tmp directories specified in asrun » 2011-11-11 13:53:42

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I am trying to understand the purpose, function and implications of the various values for specifying temporary directories in the ../etc/codeaster/asrun file; for example:

# Directory shared by all compute nodes and used as a proxy between then
# clients and the server : clients upload data files into this directory and
# download results files from it. For example : /export/tmp/PROXY_DIR...
proxy_dir : /tmp
# root of temporary space for astk services
rep_tmp : /tmp
# Temporary directory for Aster executions
rep_trav : /tmp
# Temporary directory for Aster executions shared by all processors
# (used by mpi executions). For example : /export/tmp, /home/tmp...
shared_tmp : /tmp
# shared folders = for which remote copy is never necessary (comma separated)
shared_folders :

Can somebody explain to me or point me to the right Doc file (if there is one) so I can better understand the what/why/how of these variables, especially in the light of configuring OpenMP / MPI clusters?  What I have read so far as comments in the file do not fully explain the purpose or nuances of changing these values from their default values.  So far I have understood what the function of shared_tmp is from jcugnoni's posting.  I am trying to grasp what the others are.  Thanks.

Regards, JMB

#17 Re: Code_Aster installation » Installing Aster STA10.3 on Caelinux2011 » 2011-11-11 13:36:16

Hello kamil,  Perhaps posting errors or the log files will help us, help you!  Regards, JMB

#18 Re: Code_Aster usage » Using OpenMP or MPI with DYNA_LINE_HARM » 2011-11-11 13:29:23

Thomas DE SOZA wrote:

Hi,What is the size of the system ?TdS

Hello TdS,

By your question I presume you are asking what is
  a) the size of the hardware?  -2 PC cluster (DualCore) OR
  b) the size of the problem (study) I am trying? (unknown at the moment, just testing with small models)
Hope I have understood your question correctly and answered what you were looking for.

Regards, JMB

#19 Code_Aster usage » Using OpenMP or MPI with DYNA_LINE_HARM » 2011-11-11 02:18:16

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I am looking for a way to speed FRF calculations of a 3D model using something like:


which on a single core takes quite a long time for a medium sized problem.  How can I speed up the process by taking advantage of multi-cores (OpenMP) or multiple PCs (Open MPI)?  I tried looking for examples in astest/*.comm but did not find any that seemed to help.  Apparently my attempt of using MUMPS is not working correctly when I set mpi_nbcpu>1 and mpi_nbnoeud>1.  Any suggestions or hints would be very much appreciated.  Thank you.

Regards, JMB

#20 Re: Code_Aster usage » Understanding the FORCE_FACE command » 2011-11-11 02:05:10

Hello vic,

The FY=10.0 is with respect to the global co-ordinate system.

Regards, JMB

#21 Re: Code_Aster installation » [Solved] MPI CPU load distribution not happening » 2011-11-09 22:13:12

Hello jcugnoni,

Thank you for the detailed reply!  It was most useful and now it works as expected!!!

Previously I had ensured that the steps 1 ~ 7 you had posted were in place.  My mistake was to install mpich2 and mpich2-doc and its attendant changes forced upon /opt/aster110/etc/codeaster/asrun and so on.  Once I removed the two packages and backtracked all the changes I had made to make mpich2 work, the parallelism of CodeAster_MPI works "almost-out-of-the-box".  I say almost because one does have to ensure that the other pre-requisite steps 1  ~ 7 are in place.  Then step 8 worked as you had stated.

Thanks for the wonderful job on CAELInux2011 and the above "How To".  I am VERY much grateful for it...

Regards, JMB

#22 Re: Code_Aster installation » [Solved] MPI CPU load distribution not happening » 2011-11-06 15:58:19

courtois wrote:

Try with mpi_cpu=2 (==cores) and mpi_nbnoeud=2 (==nodes), it should use 1 core on each node.

Hello courtois,
Thanks for the reply and suggestion, but it made no difference.  The job submitted on ubuntu35, continues to run ONLY on ubuntu34 with both its cores showing activity and nothing happening in ubuntu35's (4/8) cores.  Trying vice-versa also results in the job being run only in ubuntu34.

I wonder if the following has anything to do with it:
ubuntu34: Intel QuadCore (4 cores)
ubuntu35: Intel QuadCore but with hyperthreading (equivalent to 8 cores)

Regards, JMB

#23 Code_Aster installation » [Solved] MPI CPU load distribution not happening » 2011-11-04 18:58:38

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I have setup a 2 PC cluster (ubuntu34 & ubuntu35), using a standard CAELinux2011 with mpich2 package added in (I believe properly configured, since the 'Pi' test program [cpi.c] works okay in this 2 PC cluster).  I am using mumps01a.* as a test case.  It seems that with mpi_nbcpu=2 (ncpus=1 & mpi_nbnoeud=1); I always see two cores being used on ubuntu34, regardless of whether I submit the via ASTK job on ubuntu34 or ubuntu35.  I do not see the job being run on any of the cores of ubuntu35!  Can anybody clue me as to why?  Thanks.

The hostfile I am using for the jobs is:


Reversing the order in the $HOME/mpi_hostfile makes no difference.   I have tried various things that have not solved this problem, such as:
- Increasing mpi_nbcpu, beyond two does not run.
- Using ubuntu34:1 and ubuntu34:1 in the mpi_hostfile does not help.

I am baffled...

Regards, JMB

#24 Re: Code_Aster installation » [Solved] Failed weekly updates (11.0.31) to NEW11.0 in CAELinux2011 » 2011-11-04 18:07:21

Thomas DE SOZA wrote:

You have mixed everything. You should only duplicate the NEW11.0 folder in aster110 to a NEW11.X folder...

Hello TdS,

I realize exactly what I did.  Yes, I AM CLONING an aster install.  Here is why.  In my experience I found that if I use the method you recommend, then ASTK, catalogs and various other things get updated.  This sometimes causes numerous incompatibility problems.  CodeAster's update process is NOT robust enough yet, for me to take that risk.  As I stated earlier, my purpose it to keep /opt/aster110/ untouched.  Thank you for your comments, though.

Regards, JMB

#25 Re: Code_Aster installation » [Solved] Failed weekly updates (11.0.31) to NEW11.0 in CAELinux2011 » 2011-11-04 16:52:03

Hello delmas, It worked !!!  Thank you VERY much for your quick reply and advice.  Regards, JMB