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  • Code_Aster installation 22/05/2022 | par linctus
    Hi there, It looks like you put ASTER_ROOT=’/home/andrea2/Scrivania/code aster’ in setup.cfg file and that’s the cause of problem. In configure stage ’—prefix=/home/andrea2/Scrivania/code...
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  • Salome-Meca installation 21/05/2022 | par linctus
    Same problem here. Try wget -c again and again and it stop at about 70% (4Gb) and won’t work again anymore (stuck there forever).
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  • Salome-Meca installation 21/05/2022 | par jeanpierreaubry
    hello this is the same for me i almost never fished a salome_meca download from a regular browser download, like seamonkey and this for years now on i do not know why the code_aster team seems...
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  • Salome-Meca installation 20/05/2022 | par Mikeyen
    I want to download salome_meca 2021.0.0-2-20211014 but the dowmload speed is slow ……about 200 300 KB. and will disconnect download after few minutes. is anyone know how to deal with this problem ?...
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  • Introduce yourself / Présentez vous 20/05/2022 | par Maxwell87
    nice to meet to everyone, i am italian guy, fond of informatics, programming and open source world. Aerospace engineer, i am here to learn more about Salome Meca, OpenFoam and CFD in general...
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