Feedback on the first code_aster Users Day in the UK

30 June 2016

A first and a success!

At EDF Energy R&D UK Centre, Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 will be remember not as the day of Brexit but as the first code_aster Users Day in the UK.
For this first edition, our colleagues across the Channel gathered more than 70 participants in Manchester at the MacDonald Hotel. These were from different backgrounds, from industry to academics and included attendants from the British nuclear safety authority (Office for Nuclear Regulation).

Showcase for Salome-Meca and work conducted at EDF Energy R&D UK Centre

The day was punctuated by six technical presentations which highlighted the high penetration of Salome-Meca in the UK since its introduction in 2011, particularly in the engineering offices working for EDF Energy (two presentations).
The presentations, such as the one regarding the behaviour of concrete subjected to high transient temperatures, also showed that code_aster and MFront are accompanying the research activity in the UK.

Users have the floor

The highlight of the day was a panel discussion to answer the many questions from the audience and gather improvements and ideas for code_aster and Salome-Meca. The discussion showed that these were aligned with the objectives of the "Platform for Simulation in Mechanics" project, particularly regarding anglicization.

Appointment is taken for the next edition!