WCCM congress : Code_Aster well represented in computational mechanics R&D

2 September 2014

by M. Abbas, EDF R&D / AMA

The WCCM (World Congress on Computational Mechanics) was held in Barcelona from the 20th to 25th of July 2014, it is the largest gathering of the computational mechanics community.
This world event (over 3200 attendees from around the world) provides an update on research activities in this area. Code_Aster being an open code for implementing numerical methods arising from computational mechanics research, several papers dealing with it were presented.

Papers related to EDF-R&D research activity :

  • Robust modelling and simulation of ductile damage - Yi Zhang, Eric Lorentz and Jacques Besson ;
  • 3D crack propagation with cohesive elements in X-FEM - Guilhem Ferté, Patrick Massin and Nicolas Moës ;
  • Toward cyclic plasticity with X-FEM: a new integration method avoiding field projection in the elements cut by a crack - Jean-Baptiste Esnault, Alexandre Martin and Patrick Massin ;
  • A local optimal contact condition in 2D and 3D - Guillaume Drouet, Mickaël Abbas, Patrick Hild.

Papers related to research activity done in collaboration with other research institutes (IFPEN which is a co-developer of Code_Aster):

  • The X-FEM applied to porous saturated media - Bertrand Paul, Maxime Faivre, Patrick Massin, Fabrice Golfier, Richard Giot and Daniele Colombo.

Papers related to research activity done in the scope of national collaborative projects :

  • Assessment of 3D modeling for rotor-stator contact simulations - Mikhael Tannous, Patrice Cartraud, Mohamed Torkhani and David Dureisseix - ANR IRINA ;
  • Local/global non-intrusive parallel coupling for large scale mechanical analysis - Mickaël Duval, Jean-Charles Passieux, Michel Salaün and Stéphane Guinard - ANR ICARE ;
  • A non-intrusive global/local approach for the coupling of laminated plates and 3D models - Guillaume Guguin, Olivier Allix, Pierre Gosselet and Stéphane Guinard - ANR ICARE.

Finally, a keynote lecture related to research activity taking advantage of Code_Aster :

  • Model reduction method for computation of a low frequency random vibro_acoustic response - Keynote lecture - Mathilde Chevreuil, Cédric Leblond, Anthony Nouy and Jean-François Sigrist.