Publication of two books regarding Code_Aster and Salome-Meca

24 March 2014

The dynamism of a free software community, such as Code_Aster and Salome-Meca community, is particularly illustrated by the ability of its users to become knowledgeable with the code and share this knowledge.

Recently, two introductory books to the finite element method applied to computational mechanics have been published. Written in English by active members of the community and the forum, they are supported by Code_Aster and Salome-Meca examples.

Published by Framasoft under a free license, Beginning with Code_Aster is the work of Jean-Pierre Aubry.

Compiled with real-life examples, the book illustrates how to conduct mechanical calculations with Code_Aster from CAD (with Gmsh or Salome) to post-processing, covering linear static calculations as well as non-linear.

More information at : http://framabook.org/14-beginning-with-code_aster/

Written by Dharmit Thakore and published by Moonish Enterprises, Finite Element Analysis using Open Source Software acts as an introductory guide, illustrated with numerous screenshots , to Salome , Gmsh , Code_Aster and Efficient, a software written by the author .

More information at : http://engineering.moonish.biz/fea-using-open-source-software/