Acoustic calculation for noise reductors of compressors

26 March 2013

by D. Leray, Tecumseh Europe and Y. Goth, Cetim Senlis

Tecumseh Europe produces hermetic compressors and condensing units for thermodynamic applications (coolers, heat pumps …). Acoustics is one of the key selection criteria for our customers.

En 2006 le CETIM has recommended the use of Code_Aster for calculations of vibrational and acoustic response in parallel with commercial codes. Since then, Tecumseh adopted Code_Aster for all acoustic calculations. Our main use is for the calculation of noise reductors.

Figure 1 : Acoustic pressure field in a noise reductor
Comparisons of the transmission attenuation for two noise reductors design

Gradually, with the help of CETIM, we begin to integrate also the calculations of radiation. The approach uses the features of fluid-structure provided by the code. A complementary approach developed by Cetim allows the chaining of vibration and acoustic calculations, based on a python script.

Figure 2 : Acoustic pressure fields and corresponding displacements for the stamping of the compressor

Working in collaboration with the CETIM was synthesized in a paper presented at the conference : International Compressor Engineering Conference à Purdue en juillet 2012.