Code_Aster Pronet welcomes teachers

8 February 2013

By J.-R. Lévesque, Code_Aster Professional Network

Code_Aster Open Source offers a very wide-ranging corpus of documents, freely accessible to all. To understand the key issues of simulation in mechanics, nearly 200 theorical documents detail the implemented models. To undertake trainings and provide a basis for self-learning, more than 1,100 tests provide the results of over 3,100 different models. To ease the learning curve, over twenty didactic presentations are available online.

Thus, many university teachers gradually introduce Code_Aster in educational courses. To support this approach, the Network Code_Aster ProNet, which brings together more than thirty industrial and academic organizations, is now open to French and foreign teachers without fee if they agree to publish a brief declaration of interests concerning Code_Aster or Salome-Meca.

The aim is to facilitate exchanges between all members of the Network in the Forum, dedicated to members, to share experience and provide solutions to pitfalls. Why not try to identify educational approaches for understanding the mechanical simulation, without falling into the trap of "clickosofy" [1]?

As a student, mention it to your teachers. As a teacher, do not hesitate to contact the Network facilitator : contact[at]code-aster-pronet.org.

[1] This concept was introduced in the Aster Forum by Pr. Bruno PICASSO – University of Cagliari