Developing and contributing

Keeping up-to-date with new features

In order to follow the weekly releases of the development version (unstable) of Code_Aster, the following documents are posted online each week:

  • The HISTOR files : compilation of commit messages for a given update.

Tutorials to start developing in the code

For developers, development tutorials are available in the documentation. One can read the following documents in particular:

  • D5.01.01 Introduce a new command
  • D5.01.02 Introduce a new macro-command
  • D5.01.03 Introduce a new data structure
  • D5.02.01 Introduce a new physical quantity (or componant)
  • D5.02.02 Introduce a new cell type or a new reference element
  • D5.02.03 Introduce a new elemental calculation
  • D5.02.04 Introduce a new modelization in AFFE_MODELE
  • D5.02.05 Introduce a new elemental calculation
  • D5.03.02 Introduce new boundary kinematic conditions
  • D5.03.03 Introduce a new degree of freedom and associated boundary conditions
  • D5.04.01 Introduce a new constitutive law

Developers might also visit the following page : https://bitbucket.org/code_aster/codeaster-src/wiki/Tutorial.

It features a tutorial for Code_Aster development with Mercurial.

External contributions

The page "How to contribute ?" in the Bitbucket repository describes various ways of contributing to the code and rules to meet for a development to be accepted.