New test cases from NAFEMS for contact verification

29 November 2012

by T. De Soza, EDF R&D / AMA

There are already numerous test cases for the verification of contact algorithms : more than 300 test cases use the command DEFI_CONTACT.

This database has recently been enriched with 5 new tests from the NAFEMS publications. In each case, the references are obtained with Abaqus and MARC.

SSNA122 - punch (rounded edges)

Contact between a punch with rounded edge and a massive axisymmetric block. This test case validates the axisymmetric contact and illustrate the positive effect of chamfer on the singularity of the contact pressure in the vicinity of a sharp angle.
SSNP154 - cylinder roller contact

Hertz contact with and without friction between a block and a cylinder of different stiffnesses, meshed with different fineness.
SSNP155 - sheet metal forming

Stamping of a metal sheet by a punch in a matrix. The problem is threefold non-linear : nonlinear isotropic hardening, large displacements and contact-friction.
SSNP156 - loaded pin

Frictional contact between a pin and a bore meshed with different fineness and therefore not compatible. Calculation with Code_Aster, however, requires the use of compatible meshes.
SSNP157 - steel roller on rubber

Driving of a rubber strip by a steel roller. The problem is threefold non-linear : new Hookean material, large displacements and contact-friction.