A new wizard in Salome-Meca 2012.2 : « Crack Analysis (X-FEM) »

8 August 2012

by S. Géniaut, EDF R&D / AMA

A new wizard, “Crack Analysis (X-FEM)”, of the ASTER module of the Salome-Meca 2012.2 plat-form is now available. This new wizard is dedicated to crack analysis in linear elasticity. The X-FEM capabilities of Code_Aster mixed with mesh refinement are used to offer an easy way of computing fracture mechanic parameters (energy release rate, stress intensity factors) for tridimensional crack, from an un-cracked mesh.

Icon of the “Crack Analysis (X-FEM)” wizard
View of an assistant graphical window: an elliptical crack (in yellow) is represented on the un-cracked mesh.

The video below (direct link to youtube) shows a complete setting of a fracture mechanic computation, from an un-cracked mesh of a T-shape pipe.