Code_Aster documentation is now available in english

22 September 2011

by J. Delmas and C. Durand, EDF R&D / AMA

Code_Aster documentation is a very rich knowledge base in computational mechanics, well beyond a simple software documentation : over 1,600 documents and nearly 20,000 pages.

A new feature that will delight the community and non-French speaking users: the documentation is now available in English.

You can browse the documentation as usually and switch the language to "English". The pdf documents are generated by an automatic translation, taking into account specific glossaries and translation memories.
Please forgive the mistakes since these are not native English documents. In case of misunderstanding about the meaning, please always refer to the French document.

We will continue to improve the process. In particular, by welcoming the contribution of all the English speaking community. Indeed, we plan to introduce the possibility to take into account translated elements in the TMX standard for translation memories.

Please notice that the following warning is included in each document : The translation process used on this website is a "Machine Translation". It may be imprecise and inaccurate in whole or in part and is provided as a convenience.