A(nother) trebly nonlinear computation: contact, friction and large deformations

23 August 2011

by N. Tardieu, EDF R&D / AMA

This is a computation which models the ironing of a massive body by a squared punch. The two parts are elastic, deformable, under large deformations.

The punch is initially vertically pressed on the body. Then, it is pulled to the right, which generates high friction forces.

This benchmark is known to be pretty hard to simulate in the international litterature. It is part of the Code_Aster test cases, with the name of SSNP153, documentation V6.03.153. The next picture shows the comparison of the contact and friction forces obtained by different teams and software. Results of Code_Aster are matching well the other results.

Comparaison des résultats de différentes équipes