Salome-Meca 2011.2 with LGPL licence is available for downloading

18 August 2011

The new Salome-Meca 2011.2 version with LGPL licence is available for downloading.

This 2011.2 version integrates the following products:

  • STA 10.5 version of Code_Aster
  • 6.3.0 version of SALOME


  • Uncompress the file in the directory where you want to install Salome_Meca :

tar xzf SALOME-MECA-2011.2-LGPL-x82_64.tgz

  • Launch install :
cd SALOME-MECA-2011.2/postinstall
python postinstall.py
  • Launch Salome-Meca 2011.2:
cd SALOME-MECA-2011.2

What’s new ?

  • New HOMARD module : module for mesh adaptation.
  • New PARAVIS module : parallel vizualisation module that integrates Paraview.
  • Mesh sewing (Hexa/Tetra) with GHS3D.
  • Extension pre-vizualisation operations in GEOM and SMESH.
  • Migration MED data model to version 3.