Code_Aster Professional Network launch

12 July 2011

The 7th of July, 110 persons attended a special event in Clamart, France, devoted to Code_Aster and its Open-Source diffusion. Nine different organisms, from the industrial, academic or services communities, have presented the incentives that pushed them towards the use of Code_Aster Open-Source and Salome-Meca. Altogether, these presentations have displayed very convincing examples of the dynamism of our community. They come as a great reward for EDF R&D and its partners contributing to the development of Code_Aster.

On this occasion, the creation of the Code_Aster Professional Network has been announced. This network will gather voluntary organizations willing to share knowledge, feedback and priviledged information regarding Salome-Meca, Code_Aster and their roadmaps. This network will also facilitate the opportunities of cooperative developments and therefore common tender calls to service providers. An important announcement of this day : the Code_Aster documentation translated in english will be available during this summer.

Starting from today, a new section ProNet is added to your website www.code-aster.org, opened to all. One will find information about the operating of the network, the membership form, as well as the presentations made on the 7th of July.

This new section will soon be updated with services offers, testimony of members, from industry to academics.

A new Pronet Forum is opened. The access is only granted to the Network members as long as their membership is fulfilled. The former Forum obviously remains opened for mutual help and comments.

The first meeting of the Code_Aster Professional Network members will take place in Chatou, France, on October the 13th 2011.