TOUGH2 coupling - Code_Aster for CO2 storage issues

4 May 2010

by D. Seyedi, BRGM

Code_Aster is used by the BRGM (Bureau of Geological and Mining Research) to realize simulations in computational mechanics.

The article "Coupled Large Scale Hydromechanical Modelling
for Caprock Failure Risk Assessment
of CO2 Storage in Deep Saline Aquifers"
was published in the magazine Oil & Gas Science and Technology. It presents a large-scale hydromechanical simulation methodology, in order to assess the fracturing risk of cover formations in the context of CO2 geological stocking in deep aquifers.
This strategy is based on the development of an external coupling between a multiphase transport code (TOUGH2) and Code_Aster, for hydromechanical computation.

Article link: http://ogst.ifp.fr/index.php?option=article&access=standard&Itemid=129&url=/articles/ogst/pdf/first/ogst08129.pdf