Build a NEW8* version

Prerequisites or configuration modifications for the development version

Build a NEW8.3.* version

  • from the 8.3.18 version: The include files (*.h) are not yet managed by the automatic update. You have to "manually" extract the aster-maj-src-8.3.18-include.tar.gz file in the NEW10 directory and change the [ASTER_ROOT]/NEW15/config.txt file by adding a line:

           INCL           | include | ?     | -I[ASTER_ROOT]/NEW8/bibc/include

Then restart :

prompt> [ASTER_ROOT]/ASTK/ASTK_SERV/bin/as_run --make

Build a NEW8.2.* version


Build a NEW8.1.* version

  • from the 8.1.9 version: Integration of the Scotch partitioner: if the Scotch library is not available on the machine, disable the compiling of the Aster-Scotch interface by adding bibc/scotch on the [ASTER_ROOT]/NEW15/config.txt NOBUILD line (or on a new line); example :

           NOBUILD        | option | ?     | bibfor/from_c bibc/scotch

  • from the 8.1.6 version: Homard 7.5 is required for tests using the MACR_INFO_MAIL and MACR_ADAP_MAIL commands.
  • from the 8.1.3 version: within the framework of the Feti solver development, some routines rely on MPI functions and are not fully operational. So you must add this line into the [ASTER_ROOT]/NEW15/config.txt file:

           NOBUILD        | option | ?     | bibfor/from_c

Build a NEW8.0.* version

  • from the 8.0.20 version: Numeric’s include files are required (for instance, [prefix]/include/python2.3/Numeric/arrayobject.h is needed).
  • from the 8.0.14/8.0.15 versions: add the Mumps and Zmat optional libraries. astk 1.2.3 is required to use these updates (otherwise the fermetur directory is incomplete; undefined symbol amumps or undefined symbol zaster error).
  • from the 8.0.2 version: the Lapack 3.0 library is required. Add a line - similar to the line for Blas - into the config.txt file.