Unstable version

Source repositories hosted on SourceForge

Since Bitbucket does not support Mercurial anymore, the src and devtools repositories are available on SourceForge :


Incremental Updates

It deals with the successive increments of the 15.x versions from the sources of the testing version (currently STA15.2).


  • these developments are new, that’s why it is called an unstable branch!
  • sometimes a subversion cannot be used before the next corrective (see also prerequisites modifications at the bottom of this page),
  • the bases (computations results) cannot be reread from one week to another because data structures regularly change.

Why keep up with weekly versions?

  • to have your own developments ready to be integrated into the reference version,
  • to punctually recover a routine in order to rectify an anomaly, etc.


The installation of an unstable version now relies on the Mercurial source code management and the Waf build system. It is described on the webpage of the Code_Aster repository : https://sourceforge.net/p/codeaster/wiki/Quickstart

Changes from the latest testing

See this page on the wiki for a list of changes in the unstable version (15.x.y). You may need to update the prerequisites before being able to compile the latest revision.

Older versions


see the archives

Required manual changes