Code_Aster courses in Germany

7 April 2010

View online : Ingenieurbüro für Mechanik

There are regularly Code-Aster-Courses in Germany, offered and organized
by the Ingenieurbüro für Mechanik in Wassertrüdingen
(www.code-aster.de). Course language is English and/or German. Course
dates are published at www.code-aster.de. Actually the following
standard courses are offered:

Introduction to SALOME and CODE-ASTER, 4-days

The course is intended for engineers concerned with design and
mechanical simulation. Pre- and Postprocessing with Salome and the
basics for preparing, executing and postprocessing linear
mechanical and nonlinear contact analyses with Code-Aster are treated.
The most common element types and Load and Boundary conditions of
Code-Aster are taught as well as how to define materials and

Next date: 05 May - 08 May 2010

Code_Aster Dynamic Analysis, 2-days

  • Real modes
  • Modeling of damping
  • Complex modes (damping)
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Transient analysis
  • Modal Reduction for Harmonic and Transient Analysis

Next date:

Courses in preparation:

  • A course on using Python with Salome and Code-Aster
  • Courses on nonlinear topics