salome_meca 2020 under LGPL license is available for download

25 September 2019

The new salome_meca 2021 under LGPL license is available for download.

This 2021 version integrates the following products:

  • SALOME 9.7.0 ;
  • code_aster stable (version 15.4) ;
  • code_aster oldstable (version 14.8) ;
  • AsterStudy ;
  • MEDConverter ;
  • EUROPLEXUS module ;
  • Salome-Meca plugins : CABRI ;
  • code_aster translator ;
  • astk.

This version is compatible with all Linux OS as it is distributed via a Scibian9 singularity container. One may even consider using it on Windows10/11 if WSL2 is installed.


  • Install singularity v3. For more information regarding this process, have a look at singularity’s website :
  • Dowload the salome_meca 2021 container (use the right click and "save as" ) :
  • Use this command in a terminal in order to prepare the container’s environment and generate the launcher
    singularity run --app install salome_meca-lgpl-2021.0.0-1-20210811-scibian-9.sif

The platforme is already installed within the container, no need to install anything else as all the prerequisites are in the container

  • Launching salome_meca 2021 using the singularity container :
  • salome_meca uses GPU acceleration and expects a Nvidia-like device. Yet, on may use software rendering instead using such option:
    ./salome_meca-lgpl-2021.0.0-1-20210811-scibian-9 --soft

New features

A noteworthy novelty of this version is the ANSYS mesh format now available within MEDConverter, a tool for mesh conversion into the MED formatdifferent formats.

This version integrates AsterStudy 2021.0.0.

And of course, code_aster V15.4 where code_aster is now a python module.

Supported Linux distributions

This container version has been tested with the following 64bits Linux distributions:

  • Scibian 9 & 10
  • Centos 8 & 9
  • Ubuntu 18.04

Have fun experiencing open simulation!