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Validation - V6 - 323 documents
[V6.01.001] SSNA01 - infinite cylinder under pressure: viscoelasticity of Lemaître
[V6.01.102] SSNA102 - Contact elastic multibody
[V6.01.103] SSNA103 - timing model parameter Weibull
[V6.01.104] SSNA104 - Hollow cylinder under pressure, linear viscoelasticity
[V6.01.105] SSNA105 - Hollow cylinder under pressure, linear viscoelasticity, contact
[V6.01.106] SSNA106 - Hollow cylinder subjected to behavior thermoviscoélastique
[V6.01.107] SSNA107 - hollow cylinder nonlinear viscoelasticity
[V6.01.108] SSNA108 - Models of Weibull and Rice and Tracey
[V6.01.109] SSNA109 - Tensile testing with the model VISC_CIN2_CHAB
[V6.01.110] SSNA110 - registration parameters with the model VISC_CIN2_CHAB
[V6.01.111] SSNA111 - a massive indentation by a punch
[V6.01.112] SSNA112 - Test breakout axisymmetric (La Borderie Pijaudier & Cabot) to study the steel-concrete connection: law JOINT_BA
[V6.01.113] SSNA113 - notched in viscoplasticity
[V6.01.115] SSNA115 - Avulsion of a rigid frame with cohesive elements
[V6.01.116] SSNA116 - triaxial test with the Hoek-Brown model modified axisymmetric
[V6.01.117] SSNA117 - Validation of the law of behavior of steels under radiation in axisymmetric restricted access
[V6.01.118] SSNA118 - Behavior of a screw subjected to irradiation at high temperature restricted access
[V6.01.119] SSNA119 - Validation of modeling GVNO and the law of behavior in ENDO_CARRE AXIS
[V6.01.120] SSNA120 - Lap axisymmetric notched (AE) with the law CZM_TRA_MIX
[V6.01.121] SSNA121 - Tube of concrete subjected to internal pressure with the model UMLV_FP
[V6.01.122] SSNA122 – Benchmark NAFEMS de validation du contact 2 : punch (rounded edges)
[V6.01.123] SSNA123 – Validation de la loi de comportement des aciers sous irradiations en axisymétrique
[V6.01.124] SSNA124 – Simulation du comportement d’une vis soumise à une irradiation à forte température
[V6.01.125] SSNA125 - Sphère creuse avec pression interne et externe
[V6.01.301] SSNA301 - Fond thick pressurized tank
[V6.01.302] SSNA302 - simply supported circular plate subjected to pressure
[V6.01.303] SSNA303 - notched elastoplastic large strain
[V6.02.100] SSNL100 - Installation of a township line with two equal spans
[V6.02.101] SSNL101 - non-linear behavior of an arms-line
[V6.02.102] SSNL102 - non-linear behavior of a collection of angles
[V6.02.103] SSNL103 - Cantilever beam subjected to large rotations at a time
[V6.02.105] SSNL105 - Framework guyed
[V6.02.106] SSNL106 - elastoplastic beam in tension and pure bending
[V6.02.107] SSNL107 - recessed plate subjected to a bending of beams in contact with the free edge
[V6.02.111] SSNL111 - Three bars thermo-elastoplastic Von Mises perfect
[V6.02.112] SSNL112 - bar submitted to a cyclic thermal loading
[V6.02.114] SSNL114 - Cable weighing thermal expansion
[V6.02.116] SSNL116 - A section of gas-insulated cable
[V6.02.117] SSNL117 - elbow flexion in elastoplasticity
[V6.02.118] SSNL118 - bar subjected to a field of wind speed
[V6.02.119] SSNL119 - Static Response of a reinforced concrete beam (rectangular) to nonlinear behavior
[V6.02.120] SSNL120 - cyclical response of the constitutive law of concrete (model La Borderie)
[V6.02.121] SSNL121 - simple tensile creep. Law of Lemaitre-dependent fluence (ASSE_COMBU) restricted access
[V6.02.122] SSNL122 - Multi-fiber cantilever beam subjected to a force
[V6.02.123] SSNL123 - Buckling of a beam Multi-Fibre
[V6.02.124] SSNL124 - Axial Creep of an element with HEXA8 behavior LEMAITRE_IRRA
[V6.02.125] SSNL125 - Traction Bar a fragile damage gradient
[V6.02.126] SSNL126 - elastoplastic buckling of a beam line
[V6.02.127] SSNL127 - Tensile testing with the model CORR_ACIER
[V6.02.128] SSNL128 – Validation du fluage axial sous irradiation du comportement GRAN_IRRA_LOG restricted access
[V6.02.129] SSNL129 - Validation laws VISC_ISOT_TRAC VISC_ISOT_LINE and a tensile test
[V6.02.130] SSNL130 - deformable plate on a bed of springs
[V6.02.131] SSNL131 - Test DIS_GRICRA constitutive law for discrete elements restricted access
[V6.02.133] SSNL133 - elastic buckling of a structure in L
[V6.02.134] SSNL134 - Ruin of elastoplastic portal Lee
[V6.02.135] SSNL135 - Determination of failure load of the console MEKELEC
[V6.02.136] SSNL136 - Large movements of the arc angle 45 °
[V6.02.137] SSNL137 - Bars in tension with the method in elastoplasticity IMPL_EX
[V6.02.138] SSNL138 - Validation de l'algorithme d'optimisation sous contrainte d'inégalités de l'option DDL_STAB
[V6.02.139] SSNL139 – Validation de la ré-actualisation de l'angle de vrille des poutres
[V6.02.141] SSNL141 - Poutres multifibres et multimatériaux
[V6.02.142] FORMA43 - Travaux pratiques de la formation « Génie Civil » : Flexion 3 points d’une poutre en béton armé
[V6.02.501] SSNL501 - beams fixed at both ends subjected to uniform pressure
[V6.02.502] SSNL502 - beam buckling
[V6.02.503] SSNL503 - Ruin elastoplastic thin pipe elbow
[V6.02.504] SSNL504 - Faisceau de poutres multifibres
[V6.03.002] SSNP02 - Element plate plane strain and biaxial tension (Bill Norton)
[V6.03.005] SSNP05 - Plate shears: viscoelasticity of Lemaître
[V6.03.014] SSNP14 - Plate shears - Von Mises (kinematic hardening)
[V6.03.015] SSNP15 - Plate shears - Von Mises (isotropic hardening)
[V6.03.101] SSNP101 - Plate shears: viscoelasticity of Lemaître (D_PLAN)
[V6.03.102] SSNP102 - energy release rate for a notched plate with elasto-plasticity approach GTP restricted access
[V6.03.104] SSNP104 – Test de semelle rigide avec la loi de Mohr-Coulomb
[V6.03.107] SSNP107 - Plate shears: viscoelasticity of isotropic hardening and Lemaitre
[V6.03.108] SSNP108 - Element of prestressed concrete in compression
[V6.03.109] SSNP109 - Cable tensioning eccentric in a straight beam concrete
[V6.03.110] SSNP110 - crack edge in a rectangular plate finite elastoplasticity
[V6.03.111] SSNP111 - Passage of Gauss points to nodes of quadratic elements
[V6.03.112] FORMA02 - Hands-training static nonlinear loading path
[V6.03.113] SSNP113 - Rotation of the main constraints (law MAZARS)
[V6.03.114] FORMA03 - Hands-training static nonlinear load limits of a perforated plate
[V6.03.116] SSNP116 - Coupling creep and cracking – Uniaxial traction
[V6.03.117] SSNP117 – 2D model of Rousselier - DP
[V6.03.118] SSNP118 - Validation joint elements and interface 2D and 3D plane
[V6.03.119] FORMA20 - Adaptive meshing mechanics on a beam in bending
[V6.03.120] FORMA21 - Adaptive Mesh thermomechanical a cracked cylinder head
[V6.03.121] SSNP121 - Integration of the terms of 2D and 3D contact
[V6.03.122] SSNP122 - Traction. Rousselier model versions in local and nonlocal
[V6.03.123] SSNP123 - notched plate in elastoplasticity (test items embedded in QUAD4)
[V6.03.124] SSNP124 - drained biaxial test with a softening behavior DRUCK_PRAGER
[V6.03.125] SSNP125 - test cases for validation of the option INDL_ELGA
[V6.03.126] SSNP126 - Validation of the constitutive law JOINT_BA (link steel and concrete) in 2D plan
[V6.03.127] SSNP127 - Test method for relocation by regularization of the deformation GRAD_EPSI restricted access
[V6.03.128] SSNP128 - Validation of the element discontinuity on a flat plate
[V6.03.129] SSNP129 - Validation de la loi de comportement réglé BETON_PR
[V6.03.130] SSNP130 - Detection of singularities in a cracked plate
[V6.03.131] SSNP131 - Identification of energy parameter Gp 2D and 3D
[V6.03.132] SSNP132 - Validation IRRAD3M in plane stress restricted access
[V6.03.133] SSNP133 - Cracking a perforated plate with cohesive models
[V6.03.136] SSNP136 - Foundation Test shooting with the law of Cam-Clay
[V6.03.138] SSNP138 - Crack tilted 2D X-FEM
[V6.03.139] SSNP139 - cracking of a beam DCB elastoplastic model with a cohesive
[V6.03.140] SSNP140 - Tensile test on a hole by the method elastoplastic IMPL-EX
[V6.03.142] SSNP142 - Modelling of uplift of a dam with joint elements
[V6.03.143] SSNP143 - Validation of slavery to the law of joint plot of dams
[V6.03.144] SSNP144 - Use of a cohesive zone model with the X-FEM
[V6.03.145] SSNP145 - Validation of driving PRED_ELAS plasticity
[V6.03.147] SSNP147 - Modeling of crack initiation with the model ENDO_HETEROGENE
[V6.03.148] SSNP148 - Calculation of stress intensity factor for the regularization of the constraints ENDO_HETEROGENE
[V6.03.150] SSNP150 - Method of manufactured solutions in contact 2D and large deformations
[V6.03.151] SSNP151 - Compact Tension Specimen (CT) in 2D and 3D with the law CZM_TRA_MIX
[V6.03.152] SSNP152 - Inclusion de deux couronnes
[V6.03.153] SSNP153 - Contact rubbing deformable-deformable 2D large strain (shallow ironing)
[V6.03.154] SSNP154 – Benchmark NAFEMS de validation du contact 1 : cylinder roller contact
[V6.03.155] SSNP155 – Benchmark NAFEMS de validation du contact 3 : sheet metal forming
[V6.03.156] SSNP156 – Benchmark NAFEMS de validation du contact 4 : loaded pin
[V6.03.157] SSNP157 – Benchmark NAFEMS de validation du contact 5 : steel roller on rubber
[V6.03.158] SSNP158 - Adaptation de maillage en non-linéaire
[V6.03.159] SSNP159 – Energie élastique en grandes déformations plastiques d'un barreau en traction
[V6.03.160] SSNP160 - Diffusion d'hydrogène dans un acier élastoplastique
[V6.03.161] SSNP161 – Essais biaxiaux de Kupfer
[V6.03.162] SSNP162 – Joints 2D et 3D pour les lois JOINT_MECA_RUPT et JOINT_MECA_FROT
[V6.03.163] SSNP163 – Validation de la loi de comportement des aciers sous irradiations en contraintes planes
[V6.03.165] SSNP165 – Ring on block
[V6.03.166] SSNP166 - Poutre entaillée en flexion trois points
[V6.03.167] SSNP167 - Inclusion de deux couronnes sous pression non uniforme
[V6.03.168] SSNP168 - Endommagement d'éprouvettes béton de type Nooru-Mohamed
[V6.03.169] SSNP169 – Disque plein traversé par une interface X-FEM sous pression non uniforme
[V6.03.170] SSNP170 – Patch test de Taylor
[V6.03.171] SSNP171 - Fermeture d'une fissure en flexion
[V6.03.172] SSNP172 – Flexion d'une dalle en béton armé avec la loi BETON_REGLE_PR restricted access
[V6.03.173] SSNP173 - Contact entre deux sphères concentriques
[V6.03.302] SSNP302 - element loaded thermal - Appearance of parasitic stresses
[V6.03.303] SSNP303 - element in plane stress and tension - perfect plasticity
[V6.03.305] SSNP305 - Element bar in compression - Appearance of a negative pivot
[V6.03.306] SSNP306 - Validation of the criterion of buckling selective search of eigenvalues
[V6.03.307] SSNP307 - Validation of modeling GVNO and the law of behavior in ENDO_CARRE D_PLAN
[V6.03.311] SSNP311 - Biblio_131. Mode II crack of a specimen elastoplastic
[V6.03.312] SSNP312 - DMT94.132 crack parallel to the interface in a bimetallic tube CT
[V6.03.501] SSNP501 - Crushing of a ring between two sheets of polyurethane frictionless deformable
[V6.03.502] SSNP502 - Overwrite a polyurethane ring between two deformable plates with friction
[V6.03.503] SSNP503 - Contact in large shifts with X-FEM for horizontal cracks
[V6.03.504] SSNP504 - Contact in large shifts with X-FEM for oblique cracks
[V6.03.505] SSNP505 - Plaque multi-fissurée en bitraction- cisaillement avec X-FEM
[V6.03.506] SSNP506 – Vérification de l'excentrement en non linéaire
[V6.04.101] SSNV101 – Shear-tensile testing with the Chaboche constitutive law restricted access
[V6.04.102] SSNV102 – Shear-tensile testing with the S. TAHERI constitutive law
[V6.04.103] SSNV103 - Shear-tensile testing with the Rousselier constitutive law
[V6.04.104] SSNV104 – Hertzian contact of two spheres
[V6.04.105] SSNV105 - Modèle BETON_GRANGER_V : essai de fluage avec prise en compte de l'humidité relative et du vieillissement
[V6.04.108] SSNV108 – CT specimen - European Round Robin on Fracture Mechanics (1985)
[V6.04.112] SSNV112 - Hollow incompressible cylinder (large deformations)
[V6.04.113] SSNV113 – Test en traction-cisaillement avec la loi de comportement de fluage sous irradiation VISC_IRRA_LOG restricted access
[V6.04.115] SSNV115 - Corrugated sheet with non-linear behavior
[V6.04.118] SSNV118 - Shear tensile testing with the Chaboche viscoplastic law
[V6.04.121] SSNV121 - Rotation and hyper-elastic traction of a bar
[V6.04.122] SSNV122 - Rotation and follower hyper-elastic traction of a bar
[V6.04.124] SSNV124 – Regularized limit analysis. Norton_Hoff law.
[V6.04.126] SSNV126 - Éprouvette en traction-relaxation anisotherme avec le modèle VENDOCHAB
[V6.04.127] SSNV127 - Cylinder-bore contact and friction
[V6.04.128] SSNV128 - Plate with contact and friction on a rigid foundation
[V6.04.129] SSNV129 - Two plates contact subjected to pressure
[V6.04.133] SSNV133 – Uniaxial tension-compression. Mixed hardening
[V6.04.135] SSNV135 - Drained triaxial test with the CJS model (Level 1)
[V6.04.136] SSNV136 - Drained triaxial test with the CJS model (level 2)
[V6.04.137] SSNV137 - Prestressing cables in a straight concrete beam
[V6.04.138] SSNV138 - Cantilever plate subjected to large rotations due to a bending moment
[V6.04.139] SSNV139 – Biased plate
[V6.04.140] SSNV140 – Restrained cylindrical panel
[V6.04.141] SSNV141 – Pinched spherical shell
[V6.04.142] SSNV142 – Self creep testing with the Granger model
[V6.04.143] SSNV143 - Biaxial tension with the BETON_DOUBLE_DP constitutive law
[V6.04.144] SSNV144 – ending Elbow undergoing large displacements
[V6.04.145] SSNV145 - Cantilever plate undergoing large rotations under following pressure
[V6.04.146] SSNV146 - Regularized limit analysis. Tank with torispherical bottom.
[V6.04.147] SSNV147 – Fragile tensile test of a bar : validation of a continuation method
[V6.04.148] SSNV148 - Weibull and 3D Rice-Tracey models unloading behaviour
[V6.04.149] SSNV149 – ENDO_ISOT_BETON valdation
[V6.04.150] SSNV150 - Traction with triaxial constitutive law BETON_DOUBLE_DP
[V6.04.151] SSNV151 - Tension / Compression with the law of behavior BETON_DOUBLE_DP
[V6.04.152] SSNV152 - Traction elastic. Calculation of Cauchy stress
[V6.04.153] SSNV153 - Contact sheave - rope
[V6.04.154] SSNV154 - drained triaxial test with the CJS model (Level 3)
[V6.04.155] SSNV155 - drained triaxial test on a sample rotated by an angle of-PI / 6 relative to the x-axis with the CJS model (level 2)
[V6.04.157] SSNV157 - Test method for relocation by regularization of the deformation of a bar of variable section in tension restricted access
[V6.04.158] SSNV158 - drained triaxial test with the model of Laigle
[V6.04.160] SSNV160 - Hydrostatic Testing with the law CAM_CLAY
[V6.04.163] SSNV163 - Calculation of creep
[V6.04.164] SSNV164 - tensioning tendons in a beam 3D
[V6.04.165] FORMA42 - Travaux pratiques de la formation « Génie Civil » : mise en tension d'une poutre précontrainte à section variable
[V6.04.166] SSNV166 - Cylinder multiple load cracking
[V6.04.167] SSNV167 – Contact pour les éléments quadratiques
[V6.04.168] SSNV168 - drained triaxial test with a softening behavior DRUCK_PRAGER
[V6.04.169] SSNV169 - Coupling creep - damage
[V6.04.170] SSNV170 - Cube tensile simple (constant strain rate)
[V6.04.171] SSNV171 - Comparison and Polycrystalline SINGLE CRYSTAL
[V6.04.172] SSNV172 - viscoplastic single crystal
[V6.04.173] SSNV173 - cracked Bar with X-FEM
[V6.04.174] SSNV174 - Prise en compte du retrait endogène et du retrait de dessiccation dans les modèles BETON_UMLV et BETON_BURGER
[V6.04.175] SSNV175 - Test method for relocation by regularization of the deformation GRAD_EPSI a 3D bar of variable section in tension with the law of behavior ENDO_ORTH_BETON restricted access
[V6.04.176] SSNV176 - Identification of the law ENDO_ORTH_BETON
[V6.04.177] SSNV177 - Willam test with the law ENDO_ORTH_BETON
[V6.04.178] SSNV178 – Cylindre avec armature sous pression
[V6.04.179] SSNV179 - Cube creep in through the law LEMA_SEUIL
[V6.04.180] SSNV180 - Taking into account thermal expansion and creep of drying in the model BETON_UMLV_FP
[V6.04.181] SSNV181 - Verification of proper consideration of shear in the model BETON_UMLV_FP
[V6.04.182] SSNV182 - Bloc interface in frictional contact with X-FEM
[V6.04.183] SSNV183 - Creep test with the model VENDOCHAB
[V6.04.184] SSNV184 - triaxial test model with the modified Hoek-Brown
[V6.04.185] SSNV185 - Crack opening into a plate of finite width with 3D X-FEM
[V6.04.186] SSNV186 - LBB condition and frictional contact with X-FEM
[V6.04.187] SSNV187 - Validation of the law on a cube ELAS_HYPER
[V6.04.189] SSNV189 - Validation of the law on a tongue ELAS_HYPER
[V6.04.190] SSNV190 - Validation of the constitutive law of steel 300 in 3D radiation restricted access
[V6.04.191] SSNV191 - Validation Neumann conditions with X-FEM in 2D and 3D
[V6.04.192] SSNV192 - Test tube with central crack with XFEM
[V6.04.193] SSNV193 - Contact macronutrients static
[V6.04.194] SSNV194 - Traction on an aggregate 10-grain bainitic steel
[V6.04.195] SSNV195 - Bar in multi-cracking with X-FEM
[V6.04.196] SSNV196 - 3D bending beam (elements HEXA8 stabilized)
[V6.04.197] SSNV197 - Triaxial drained with the law of Hujeux
[V6.04.198] SSNV198 - Dirichlet conditions with X-FEM 3D
[V6.04.199] SSNV199 - cracking of a beam DCB with cohesive models
[V6.04.200] SSNV200 - Tensile testing shear model VISC_TAHERI
[V6.04.201] SSNV201 - Block with sliding contact interface with X-FEM
[V6.04.202] SSNV202 - drained oedometer test with the law of Camclay
[V6.04.203] SSNV203 - Application of pressure on the lips of a crack with X-FEM
[V6.04.204] SSNV204 - Test drained isotropic compression cyclic sand Hostun
[V6.04.205] SSNV205 - Essai de cisaillement cyclique drainé à pression isotrope constante avec le modèle de Hujeux
[V6.04.206] SSNV206 - triaxial test with the model of CIH LETK
[V6.04.207] SSNV207 - Shear test cycle including micro-discharges with the law of Hujeux
[V6.04.208] SSNV208 - drained biaxial test with the law of Hujeux
[V6.04.209] SSNV209 - Interface in frictional contact with X-FEM
[V6.04.211] SSNV211 - drained triaxial test with the model VISC_DRUC_PRAG
[V6.04.212] SSNV212 - Law BETON_RAG behavior: swelling free sample restricted access
[V6.04.213] SSNV213 - Law BETON_RAG behavior: swelling of sample prevented restricted access
[V6.04.214] SSNV214 - Law BETON_RAG behavior: a cyclic loading test of concrete
[V6.04.215] SSNV215 - Law BETON_RAG behavior: test of the main directions of rotation
[V6.04.216] SSNV216 - behavior law BETON_RAG: biaxial creep of a cube restricted access
[V6.04.217] SSNV217 - Cube in tension and compression with simple law ENDO_ORTH_BETON
[V6.04.218] SSNV218 - Calculation of energy parameter Gp 3D
[V6.04.219] SSNV219 - Method solutions manufactured in large deformations and 3D contact
[V6.04.220] SSNV220 - Validation of modeling GVNO and behavior law ENDO_CARRE 3D
[V6.04.221] SSNV221-Hydrostatic Testing with linear and parabolic behavior DRUCK_PRAGER
[V6.04.222] FORMA04 - Travaux pratiques de la formation « Utilisation avancée » : contact de Hertz
[V6.04.223] SSNV223 - Validation élémentaire de la loi ENDO_SCALAIRE et du pilotage PRED_ELAS pour la modélisation GRAD_VARI
[V6.04.224] FORMA08 - Travaux pratiques de la formation « Utilisation avancée » : poutre DCB 3D élastique
[V6.04.225] SSNV225 - Loi de comportement HAYHURST : test de fluage
[V6.04.226] SSNV226 – Validation du critère de rupture en contrainte critique
[V6.04.227] SSNV227 – Traction, en grands déplacements, d'un barreau constitué d'un matériau hyper-élastique de type Mooney-Rivlin
[V6.04.228] SSNV228 - Mise en pré-tension d’un goujon
[V6.04.229] SSNV229 - Validation des formules ETCC dans DEFI_CABLE_BP
[V6.04.230] SSNV230 - Validation de la loi de comportement des aciers 300 sous irradiations en 3D
[V6.04.231] SSNV231 – Sphère creuse sous pression interne en grandes déformations
[V6.04.232] SSNV232 – Essai triaxial drainé avec la loi de Mohr-Coulomb
[V6.04.233] SSNV233 – Essai de torsion avec la loi de Mohr-Coulomb
[V6.04.234] SSNV234 - Validation élémentaire de la loi ENDO_FISS_EXP et du pilotage PRED_ELAS pour la modélisation GRAD_VARI
[V6.04.235] SSNV235 - Influence de la température dans l'évolution du fluage des lois de comportement KIT_RGI et BETON_BURGER restricted access
[V6.04.236] SSNV236 - Loi de comportement BETON_RAG et KIT_RGI : fluage biaxial d'un cube restricted access
[V6.04.237] SSNV237 - Loi de comportement KIT_RGI : Essais de fluage propre avec prise en compte de l'endommagement restricted access
[V6.04.238] SSNV238 - Loi de comportement KIT_RGI : chargement cyclique d'une éprouvette en béton restricted access
[V6.04.239] SSNV239 - Loi de comportement KIT_RGI: test de rotation des directions principales restricted access
[V6.04.240] SSNV240 - Loi de comportement KIT_RGI : gonflement libre sur éprouvette restricted access
[V6.04.241] SSNV241 - Loi de comportement KIT_RGI : gonflement empêché sur éprouvette restricted access
[V6.04.245] SSNV245 - Imposition de conditions de Dirichlet sur des éléments XFEM Heaviside à l'aide d'une fonction de l'espace
[V6.04.246] SSNV246 - Application d'une pression répartie sur les lèvres d'une interface XFEM courbe traversant une colonne
[V6.04.247] SSNV247 - Application d'une pression répartie sur les lèvres d'une interface XFEM courbe traversant une calotte sphérique
[V6.04.301] SSNV301 - rotating cylindrical ring subjected to thermal shock and internal pressure - Von Mises (isotropic hardening)
[V6.04.501] SSNV501 - Stamping of sheet metal with a hemispherical punch (test Wagon)
[V6.04.503] SSNV503 - sliding pads on a rigid
[V6.04.504] SSNV504 - Extrusion of a plot
[V6.04.505] SSNV505 - Contact of two beams with large displacements
[V6.04.506] SSNV506 - elastic-plastic indentation of a block by an elastic spherical indenter
[V6.04.507] SSNV507 - Rotation of a rigid inclusion with X-FEM
[V6.04.508] SSNV508 - Bloc in plane stress with interface in tension and compression side, for quadratic elements X-FEM
[V6.04.509] SSNV509 - Chain in frictional contact with X-FEM quadratic
[V6.04.510] SSNV510 - uniaxial compression of a block multi-cracked
[V6.04.511] SSNV511 - Power cut by two intersecting interfaces with X-FEM
[V6.04.512] SSNV512 - Power cut by a vertical split is connected between two horizontal cracks with X-FEM
[V6.04.513] SSNV513 - Power cut by three interfaces that plugs sequentially with X-FEM
[V6.04.514] SSNV514 - Emboutissage d'une tôle par un poinçon cylindrique
[V6.04.515] SSNV515 – Essai de traction avec la loi de Rankine
[V6.05.100] SSNS100 - nonlinear behavior of a web
[V6.05.101] SSNS101 - Breakdown of a cylindrical panel under point force
[V6.05.102] SSNS102 - Buckling of a cylindrical shell with stiffener
[V6.05.105] SSNS105 – Comportement non linéaire d'une nappe d'armatures
[V6.05.106] SSNS106 - Damage to a flat plate under various loads with the law of behavior GLRC_DM
[V6.05.107] SSNS107 - Cylinder fittings with pressure
[V6.05.108] SSNS108 - Simulation of the test by pushing progressive SAFE
[V6.05.109] SSNS109 - console beam subjected to shear
[V6.05.110] SSNS110 – Extraction d'une nappe d'armature représentée par une membrane
[V6.05.111] SSNS111 - Flexion d'une dalle en béton armé sous charge répartie
[V6.05.112] SSNS112 – Essai de compression et traction d'un poteau de béton armé
[V6.05.113] SSNS113 – Simulation de l'essai TESSH restricted access
[V6.05.114] SSNS114 – Dégradation d’une plaque en béton armé sous sollicitations variées avec la loi BETON_REGLE_PR
[V6.05.115] SSNS115 - Gonflement d’une membrane souple
[V6.05.116] SSNS116 – Membrane souple sous poids propre
[V6.05.501] SSNS501 - Large displacements of a simply supported cylindrical panel
[V6.06.101] SSNX101 - Control of non-linear load
[V6.07.101] COMP001 - Test elastoplastic behavior of the material point
[V6.07.102] COMP002 - Test behavior visco-elastic-plastic
[V6.07.103] COMP003 - Test of specific behaviors in concrete. Simulation in a material point.
[V6.07.107] COMP007 - Validation of the thermo-mechanical non-linear elastic laws (COMP_ELAS)
[V6.07.108] COMP008 - Validation of the thermo-mechanical elastic-plastic laws
[V6.07.109] COMP009 - Validation of the thermo-mechanical modeling BAR
[V6.07.110] COMP010 - Validation thermo-mechanical laws elastoviscoplastic
[V6.07.111] COMP011 - Validation thermomechanical laws for concrete
[V6.07.112] COMP012 – Test de la loi de Hujeux sur un point matériel
[V6.08.101] SSND101 - Law of viscous behavior for discrete elements
[V6.08.102] SSND102 - Law kinematic behavior of non-linear discrete elements
[V6.08.103] SSND103 - Validation of a bilinear constitutive law of a discrete element (application to bolted connections)
[V6.08.104] SSND104 - Validation behavior DRUCK_PRAG_N_A
[V6.08.105] SSND105 - Law of visco-elastic-plastic with memory effect
[V6.08.106] SSND106 - Pulling multiple rotations in large deformations, isotropic hardening
[V6.08.107] SSND107 - Pulling multiple rotations in large deformation, kinematic hardening and mixed
[V6.08.109] SSND109 - cyclic loading on a single crystal
[V6.08.110] SSND110 - Validation laws monocrystalline DD_CFC, DD_CC
[V6.08.111] SSND111 - Effect of memory in a cyclic test
[V6.08.112] SSND112 - Rotation network and large deformations of a single crystal
[V6.08.113] SSND113 - SIMU_POINT_MAT large strain gradient imposed processing
[V6.08.115] SSND115 - Loi de comportement élasto-plastique avec effet de non radialité
[V6.08.116] SSND116 - Loi de comportement DIS_CHOC en statique
[V6.08.117] SSND117 – Validation du comportement DIS_ECRO_TRAC