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Validation - V4 - 69 documents
[V4.01.001] TPLA01 - low infinite cylinder in thermal equilibrium
[V4.01.004] TPLA04 - Release of power in a hollow cylinder
[V4.01.005] TPLA05 - Barre cylindrical flux density
[V4.01.006] TPLA06 - Barre cylindrical convection
[V4.01.007] TPLA07 - orthotropic hollow cylinder
[V4.01.300] TPLA300 - circular plate subjected to a heat source density
[V4.01.301] TPLA301 - Distribution of temperature in a short cylinder
[V4.02.001] TPLL01 - Wall infinite plane in linear thermal
[V4.02.100] TPLL100 - Wall plan anisotropic thermal steady
[V4.02.101] TPLL101 - Joule heating of a hollow cylinder
[V4.03.100] TPLS100 - infinite plate subjected to flow antisymmetric
[V4.03.101] TPLS101 - infinite plate subjected to a symmetric heat exchange with the outside
[V4.03.102] TPLS102 – Poutre épaisse en contraintes planes – variation de température linéaire suivant la largeur
[V4.03.302] TPLS302 - Distribution of temperature in a thin plate
[V4.04.006] TPLV06 - Release of power in a hollow sphere
[V4.04.007] TPLV07 - Cube orthotropic
[V4.04.100] TPLV100 - Cylinder subjected to non-axisymmetric boundary conditions
[V4.04.101] TPLV101 - Thermal stationary condition with exchange between opposite walls
[V4.04.102] TPLV102 - Transport of heat by convection in a parallelepiped
[V4.04.103] TPLV103 - Cylinder infinite anisotropic thermal steady
[V4.04.105] TPLV105 - Thermal nonlinear stationary moving frame: simulation of the test Varestrain
[V4.04.106] TPLV106 - Thermal nonlinear stationary moving frame
[V4.04.304] TPLV304 - Distribution of temperature in a square bar
[V4.04.305] TPLV305 - Thermal Gradient in a cylinder (Fourier)
[V4.05.001] TPLP01 - Domaine L with geometric singularity
[V4.05.002] TPLP02 - Square orthotropic
[V4.05.107] TPLP107 - Méthode des solutions manufacturées en thermique 2D
[V4.05.300] TPLP300 - rectangular plate: convection, imposed temperature
[V4.05.301] TPLP301 - square plate with imposed temperature sinusoidally distributed
[V4.05.302] TPLP302 - rectangular plate with imposed temperature
[V4.05.303] TPLP303 - Distribution of temperature in the section of a chimney
[V4.05.305] TPLP305 – Barreau à températures imposées avec interface adiabatique de type X-FEM
[V4.19.203] TTLA203 - Cylindre à températures imposées avec fissure adiabatique
[V4.20.200] TTNA200 - Thermal linear and nonlinear 2D AXIS
[V4.21.001] TTLL01 - Thermal shock of an infinite wall
[V4.21.100] TTLL100 - Thermal shock on a flat wall with exchange condition
[V4.21.301] TTLL301 - Heat transfer in a bar with temperature imposed (sinusoidal)
[V4.21.303] TTLL303 - Heat transfer in a bar with internal heat generation
[V4.22.002] TTNL02 - Transient Thermal Phase Change
[V4.22.003] TTNL03 - Thermo-hydration. Simulation of an adiabatic test
[V4.22.004] TTNL04 - Thermique avec flux non-linéaire en transitoire 2D
[V4.22.100] TTNL100 - Source thermique non-linéaire, solution homogène en espace
[V4.22.101] TTNL101 - Source thermique non-linéaire dans un barreau
[V4.22.302] TTNL302 - Wall infinite subject to a constant flow with variable properties
[V4.22.303] TTNL303 - Wall infinite subject to a temperature jump with variable properties
[V4.23.100] TTLP100 - Exchange-wall thermal transient
[V4.23.101] TTLP101 - Plaque fissurée à températures imposées avec condition d'échange à travers les lèvres de la fissure
[V4.23.300] TTLP300 - Heat transfer in a metal bar orthotropic
[V4.23.301] TTLP301 - Heat transfer in a perforated plate
[V4.23.302] TTLP302 - Heat transfer in a domain with geometric singularities Plan
[V4.23.303] TTLP303 - Heat transfer in an orthotropic plate: temperature imposed
[V4.23.304] TTLP304 - Heat transfer in an orthotropic plate: flow imposed
[V4.24.001] TTNP01 - Stefan problem with lumps elements - QUAD9
[V4.24.200] TTNP200 - Thermal linear and nonlinear 2D PLAN
[V4.24.201] TTNP201 - Heat transfer with time-dependent conductivity
[V4.25.001] TTLV01 - Sphere: heat transfer by convection
[V4.25.100] TTLV100 - Thermal shock in a pipe with exchange condition
[V4.25.300] TTLV300 - Parallelepiped subjected to a flux density of its sides
[V4.25.301] TTLV301 - Parallelepiped subjected to a temperature imposed on its faces
[V4.26.101] TTNV101 – Séchage du béton – identification des paramètres sur la courbe de perte de masse
[V4.41.001] TPNA01 - Problem with axisymmetric stationary radiation
[V4.41.300] TPNA300 - Tube furnace with variable conductivity
[V4.42.300] TPNL300 - Heat transfer with one-dimensional radiation
[V4.42.301] TPNL301 - Thermo-hydration of a concrete cylinder
[V4.43.001] TPNV01 - hollow sphere: convection, radiation
[V4.61.100] MTLP100 - Heating and quenching of an infinite bar with a square section
[V4.61.101] MTLP101 – Metallurgical calculation for zircaloy
[V4.61.102] MTLP102 – Metallurgical calculation for a steel taking into account the grain size
[V4.61.103] MTLP103 - Quenching of a cylindrical bar made of 16MND5 steel