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Validation - V3 - 184 documents
[V3.01.010] SSLL10 - gantry side links
[V3.01.011] SSLL11 - Lattice articulated bars under point load
[V3.01.012] SSLL12 - Lattice bars under three solicitations
[V3.01.014] SSLL14 - Portico plan articulated in foot
[V3.01.100] SSLL100 - Structure symmetrical beams with an elbow
[V3.01.101] SSLL101 - Piping: Problem Hovgaard
[V3.01.102] SSLL102 - clamped beam subjected to unit efforts
[V3.01.103] SSLL103 - Elastic Buckling of an angle
[V3.01.104] SSLL104 - initial deformation in a straight beam
[V3.01.105] SSLL105 - elastic buckling of a structure in L
[V3.01.106] SSLL106 - straight pipe
[V3.01.107] SSLL107 – Validation of MACR_CARA_POUTRE
[V3.01.108] SSLL108 - 2D discrete elements
[V3.01.110] SSLL110 - System of 3 U bars under self weight
[V3.01.111] SSLL111 - Static Response of a reinforced concrete beam (section T) to linear behavior
[V3.01.112] SSLL112 - circular arch under uniform pressure
[V3.01.113] RCCM02 - Validation POST_RCCM option FATIGUE_B3600 restricted access
[V3.01.115] RCCM03 - Line of the pressurizer spray restricted access
[V3.01.116] SSLL116 - 3D mesh reinforced
[V3.01.117] SSLL117 - Validation of the second gradient models
[V3.01.118] SSLL118 - clamped beam subjected to a movement defined in local coordinate
[V3.01.119] SSLL119 – Poutres soumises à des moments répartis
[V3.01.400] SSLL400 - beam of variable section, subject to ad hoc efforts or distributed
[V3.01.402] SSLL402 - Ring wrench
[V3.01.403] SSLL403 - Buckling of a beam under the influence of its own weight
[V3.01.404] SSLL404 - Buckling of an arch
[V3.01.501] SSLL501 - Piping VVP. Aster-comparison SYSPIPE restricted access
[V3.02.001] SSLP01 - plate bending and shear in its plane
[V3.02.002] SSLP02 - Traction simple d'une plaque perforée
[V3.02.100] SSLP100 - Crosse sub-static structure
[V3.02.101] SSLP101 - energy release rate in plane stress
[V3.02.102] SSLP102 - Rate of energy release with initial deformation (Lagrangian propagation)
[V3.02.103] SSLP103 - Calculation of stress intensity factors KI and KII for a circular plate cracked in linear elasticity
[V3.02.105] SSLP105 - Excavation of a circular tunnel in a linear elastic solid
[V3.02.106] SSLP106 - rectangular solid in pure bending (test items embedded in QUAD4)
[V3.02.109] SSLP109 - Validation d'une fonctionnalité de l'option DDL_STAB
[V3.02.111] FORMA05 - Travaux pratiques de la formation « Utilisation avancée » : plaque fissurée en traction
[V3.02.112] FORMA06 - Travaux pratiques de la formation « Utilisation avancée » : plaque multi-fissurée en traction
[V3.02.113] SSLP113 - Relations de type RBE3 entre un carré et un discret
[V3.02.114] SSLP114 - Fissure plane semi-infinie
[V3.02.115] SSLP115 - Calcul du taux de restitution d'énergie d'un disque fissuré en présence de contraintes initiales
[V3.02.116] SSLP116 – Plaque carrée en flexion – gradient de température constant
[V3.02.117] SSLP117 – Plaque carrée en flexion – gradient de température variable
[V3.02.200] SSLP200 - Mechanical Linear D_PLAN
[V3.02.201] SSLP201 - Mechanical Linear C_PLAN
[V3.02.300] SSLP300 – Plaque rectangulaire en porte-à-faux en flexion-cisaillement dans son plan
[V3.02.301] SSLP301 – Plaque trapézoïdale sous poids propre
[V3.02.303] SSLP303 - Plate is at odds loaded at its end
[V3.02.304] SSLP304 - square orthotropic plate in uniaxial tension out of the axes of orthotropy
[V3.02.305] SSLP305 - Hard thin support under concentrated load
[V3.02.310] SSLP310 - pressurized crack in an area plan unlimited restricted access
[V3.02.311] SSLP311 - Biblio_65. Oblique central crack in a finite rectangular plate, two materials, subjected to uniform traction
[V3.02.313] SSLP313 - inclined crack in a plate unlimited, subject to uniform tension at infinity
[V3.02.314] SSLP314 - Fissure déviée à l'interface entre deux demi-plans élastiques
[V3.02.315] SSLP315 - Propagation of cracks emerging in a perforated plate of finite width with 2D X-FEM
[V3.02.317] SSLP317 - Validation of the macro-control on a plate RAFF_XFEM multi-cracked
[V3.02.318] SSLP318 - Propagation of a crack X-FEM non-emergent solicited mode I
[V3.02.319] SSLP319 - Propagation of two cracks X-FEM grooved requested mode I
[V3.02.320] SSLP320 - Propagation of a crack X-FEM emergent sought in Mode I
[V3.02.321] SSLP321 - Propagation of X-FEM crack in a plate in 3 point bending
[V3.02.322] SSLP322 - Propagation of a crack X-FEM in a 3-point bending plate with 3 holes
[V3.02.323] SSLP323 - radial propagation of a crack leading to a rotating disk
[V3.02.326] FORMA01 - Travaux pratiques de la formation « Initiation » : modélisation d’une plaque trouée en élasticité linéaire et adaptation de maillage
[V3.03.004] SSLS04 - Poutre à section en Z
[V3.03.007] SSLS07 - thin cylinder under uniform axial load
[V3.03.009] SSLS09 - thin cylinder under self-weight
[V3.03.010] SSLS10 - Tore sous pression interne uniforme
[V3.03.020] SSLS20 - Hull cylindrical pinch edges to free
[V3.03.027] SSLS27 - thin plate bent or twisted
[V3.03.100] SSLS100 - recessed circular plate subjected to uniform pressure
[V3.03.101] SSLS101 - raised circular plate subjected to uniform pressure
[V3.03.104] SSLS104 - cylindrical shell with diaphragm pinch
[V3.03.105] SSLS105 - doubly pinched hemisphere
[V3.03.107] SSLS107 - cylindrical panel under its own weight
[V3.03.108] SSLS108 - helical shell under concentrated load
[V3.03.110] SSLS110 - Stability of a compressed square plate
[V3.03.111] SSLS111 - Excentremement simple plate
[V3.03.112] SSLS112 - Eccentricity of composite plates
[V3.03.113] SSLS113 - Eccentricity plate homogenized
[V3.03.114] SSLS114 - Not regression quarter of cylindrical shell
[V3.03.115] SSLS115 - composite square plate under uniform pressure
[V3.03.116] SSLS116 - Eccentricity plate. Membrane loading of a plate eccentrically
[V3.03.117] SSLS117 - Eccentricity plates unsymmetrical
[V3.03.118] SSLS118 - raised square plate subjected to sinusoidal pressure
[V3.03.119] SSLS119 - Hook recessed subject to a shear force at the end
[V3.03.120] SSLS120 - thin cylindrical shell under hydrostatic pressure
[V3.03.121] SSLS121 - laminated plate subjected to loads elementary
[V3.03.122] SSLS122 - homogeneous isotropic rectangular plate eccentric
[V3.03.123] SSLS123 - Sphere uniform external pressure
[V3.03.124] SSLS124 - beam deflection with various shooting
[V3.03.125] SSLS125 - Buckling of a cylinder under external pressure free
[V3.03.126] SSLS126 - Flexion of a reinforced concrete slab (model GLRC_DAMAGE) supported on both sides: elastic beam system
[V3.03.127] SSLS127 - Flexion of a reinforced concrete slab (model GLRC_DAMAGE) supported on four sides: system of elastic plate
[V3.03.128] SSLS128 - Static calculation of a plate composed of layers
[V3.03.129] SSLS129 - Corrugated subjected to sinusoidal loading forces per unit length
[V3.03.130] SSLS130 - structural Zoom: perforated plate subjected to a normal force on an edge
[V3.03.131] DEMO006 - Optimizing the radius of curvature of a curved pipe
[V3.03.132] SSLS132 - plate bending loading console
[V3.03.133] SSLS133 - bending plate of variable thickness
[V3.03.134] SSLS134 - Calculation of reinforcement and CAPRA MAURY: analytic case
[V3.03.135] SSLS135 - Calculation of reinforcement and CAPRA MAURY: calculation of a tank under pressure
[V3.03.136] SSLS136 - Relations de type RBE3 entre une plaque et un discret
[V3.03.137] SSLS137 - Plaque de béton précontraint avec un câble excentré en flexion
[V3.03.138] SSLS138 – Sollicitation d'une membrane
[V3.03.139] SSLS139 – Flexion d'une plaque avec représentation simplifiée des armatures
[V3.03.140] FORMA40 - Travaux pratiques - formation « Génie Civil » : étude d'une plaque console soumise à la pesanteur et à la flexion
[V3.03.141] SSLS141 - Plaque en Flexion et cisaillement
[V3.03.143] SSLS143 - Poutre cantilever à âme excentrée
[V3.03.200] SSLS200 - Mechanical linear modeling shell
[V3.03.311] SSLA311 - Fissure circulaire soumise a une charge annulaire
[V3.03.502] SSLS502 - orthotropic cylinder subjected to a load line
[V3.03.503] SSLS503 - laminated plate bending simply supported antisymmetric stacking
[V3.03.504] SSLS504 - square plate composite of three layers, subjected to a double sinusoidal loading
[V3.03.505] SSLS505 - Plaque composite soumise à des déformations mécaniques d'origine purement thermique
[V3.04.004] SSLV04 - hollow cylinder plane stress
[V3.04.007] SSLV07 - Stretching of a parallelepiped under its own weight
[V3.04.100] SSLV100 - hollow cylinder plane strain
[V3.04.104] SSLV104 - beam rotation
[V3.04.105] SSLV105 - centrifugal stiffening of a beam rotating
[V3.04.109] SSLV109 - full cylinder pressure non-uniform mode 1
[V3.04.110] SSLV110 - elliptical crack in an unbounded
[V3.04.111] SSLV111 - Estimator error on a perforated plate in linear elasticity
[V3.04.113] SSLV113 - Estimator error on a hollow cylinder bi-material
[V3.04.114] SSLV114 - Movement of solid 2D and 3D
[V3.04.115] SSLV115 - Element of prestressed concrete in compression and gravity
[V3.04.116] SSLV116 - Fissure circulaire en milieu 3D avec contraintes initiales
[V3.04.117] SSLV117 - Validation de la modélisation second gradient de dilatation en 3D
[V3.04.120] SSLV120 - stretching of a rectangular orthotropic under its own weight
[V3.04.121] SSLV121 - Stretching of a transverse isotropic parallelepiped under its own weight
[V3.04.130] SSLV130 - hollow cylinder incompressible
[V3.04.131] SSLV131 - orthotropy in a coordinate any
[V3.04.134] SSLV134 - circular crack in an infinite medium
[V3.04.135] SSLV135 - fatigue damage under biaxial loading alternated
[V3.04.136] RCCM04 - POST_RCCM FATIGUE_B3200 on a sub-thickness longitudinal elbow VVP restricted access
[V3.04.137] RCCM05 - POST_RCCM FATIGUE_B3200 on the right side PSV restricted access
[V3.04.138] RCCM06 RCCM-test on the RRS N4 restricted access
[V3.04.139] SSLV139 - Buckling of a circular plate subjected to a compressive force uniformly distributed over its contour
[V3.04.140] SSLV140 - Calculation of effective modules for Python method
[V3.04.141] RCCM07 - POST_RCCM (unitary) on the line in the circuit RCV restricted access
[V3.04.142] RCCM08 - calculus RCC-M-type structure with the stitching method UNIT restricted access
[V3.04.147] RCCM09 - Operator POST_RCCM: Boot factor calculation
[V3.04.148] SSLV146 - Cube full strengthened by reinforcements under triaxial loading
[V3.04.149] RCCM10 - Validation of the option FATIGUE POST_RCCM with situations of transition between groups restricted access
[V3.04.150] RCCM11 - POST_RCCM: calculation of a fatigue pitting AER / ASG restricted access
[V3.04.153] SSLV153 - Error Indicators - Knits and volume functions
[V3.04.154] SSLV154 - circular cracks in mixed mode
[V3.04.155] SSLV155 - Crack lens traction
[V3.04.156] FORMA07 - Travaux pratiques de la formation « Utilisation avancée » : fissure circulaire en milieu infini
[V3.04.157] SSLV157 - Relations de type RBE3 entre un cube et un discret
[V3.04.158] RCCM12 - Validation de POST_RCCM avec historique type conception restricted access
[V3.04.159] SSLV159 - Poutre cantilever soumise à un chargement de type flèche statique
[V3.04.160] SSLV160 - Poutre bi-appuyée soumise à une force nodale sur sa fibre neutre
[V3.04.161] RCCM13 – Analyse de tuyauterie avec POST_RCCM en ZE200 cliquez pour éditer ce champ
[V3.04.162] RCCM14 – Analyse avec POST_RCCM en B3200 : groupes de partage, situations de passage cliquez pour éditer ce champ
[V3.04.163] RCCM15 - Validation de POST_RCCM en B3600 cliquez pour éditer ce champ
[V3.04.200] SSLV200 - Mechanical 3D linear
[V3.04.301] SSLV301 - console cylindrical beam linearly distributed load
[V3.04.303] SSLV303 - Cylinder built in self-weight and pressure
[V3.04.304] SSLV304 - Cylindre sous pression extérieure variable
[V3.04.306] SSLV306 - Beam 3D restraints
[V3.04.307] SSLV307 - oblique cylinder under uniform axial load
[V3.04.311] SSLV311 - Murakami 9.39. Crack quarter-ellipse at the corner of a thick disk rotating
[V3.04.312] SSLV312 - Fissure semi-elliptique perpendiculaire a l'interface d'un bi-matériau
[V3.04.314] SSLV314 - Propagation of a crack opens out flat with X-FEM
[V3.04.315] SSLV315 - non-planar propagation of a crack opens out with X-FEM
[V3.04.316] SSLV316 - Cracking spreading imposed with X-FEM
[V3.04.318] SSLV318 - X-FEM crack in a rectangular cube
[V3.04.319] SSLV319 - Propagation plane d'une fissure semi- elliptique
[V3.04.320] SSLV320 - Propagation plane d'une fissure 3D se divisant et fusionnant avec X-FEM
[V3.04.321] SSLV321 - Validation du pré-conditionnement XFEM pour une interface rasante
[V3.04.322] SSLV322 - Fissure longitudinale semi-elliptique débouchant en peau interne d'un tube sous pression
[V3.04.323] SSLV323 - Fissure longitudinale semi-elliptique débouchant en peau interne d'un tube sous pression avec un maillage quadratique restricted access
[V3.04.324] SSLV324 - Elliptic crack in a 3D body subject to tensile loading
[V3.05.100] SSLX100 - 3D Mix - Hull - Beam Bending
[V3.05.101] SSLX101 - straight pipe modeled shells and beams
[V3.05.102] SSLX102 - Piping elbow flexion
[V3.05.103] SSLX103 – Flexion d'une poutre en béton armé 3D avec armatures modélisées par des barres
[V3.05.200] SSLX200 - Raccord 3D_POU : Traction simple et flexion pure d'une poutre encastrée-libre
[V3.06.100] SSLA100 - infinite cylinder subjected to a force field volume and surface
[V3.06.103] SSLA103 - Calculation of drying shrinkage and autogenous shrinkage of a cylinder
[V3.06.104] DEMO005 - thin cylinder under hydrostatic pressure
[V3.06.105] SSLA105 - Validation d'une modélisation d'inclusion avec X-FEM restricted access
[V3.06.200] SSLA200 - Mechanical 2D Linear AXIS
[V3.06.310] SSLA310 - Fissure radiale dans un bimatériau soumise a une pression interne