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Validation - V2 - 185 documents
[V2.01.002] SDLD02 - mass-spring system with 8 degrees of freedom
[V2.01.004] SDLD04 - Transient response of a mass-spring system subjected to an imposed acceleration
[V2.01.021] SDLD21 - mass-spring system with viscous damper with 8 dof
[V2.01.022] SDLD22 – Transient analysis of a mass-spring system with a viscous damper with 8 dof
[V2.01.023] SDLD23 - System of masses and springs under random excitation
[V2.01.025] SDLD25 - mass-spring system with viscous damper proportional (spectral response)
[V2.01.027] SDLD27 - mass-spring system with 8 degrees of freedom with non-proportional viscous damping (modal analysis)
[V2.01.029] SDLD29 - Transient 8 DOF spring mass and viscous damping disproportionate
[V2.01.030] SDLD30 - seismic spectral response of a two masses and three springs supported multi-
[V2.01.031] SDLD31 - Validation elementary patterns in times of DYNA_NON_LINE
[V2.01.033] SDLD33 - seismic spectral response of a two masses - 4 multi-spring supported by two support groups decorrelated
[V2.01.034] SDLD34 - Release of a simple mass-spring
[V2.01.101] SDLD101 - simple oscillator under random excitation
[V2.01.102] SDLD102 - Under transitional structure: System 3-4 springs masses
[V2.01.103] SDLD103 - Seismic Response of a three masses and four springs supported multi-
[V2.01.104] SDLD104 - extrapolation of local measurements on a complete model (discrete)
[V2.01.105] SDLD105 - response to an earthquake of a sytème mass-spring with static correction
[V2.01.106] SDLD106 – Système masse ressort avec amortissement sous oscillation harmonique
[V2.01.107] SDLD107 - Minimisation d'une fonctionnelle énergétique de type erreur en relation de comportement en dynamique des structures
[V2.01.108] SDLD108 - Réponse transitoire d'un système masses-ressorts à un séisme mono-appui : comparaison des méthodes de correction statique restricted access
[V2.01.109] SDLD109 – Calcul des spectres avec la prise en compte de l'interaction plancher-matériel
[V2.01.301] SDLD301 - seismic spectral response of a two masses and three springs multi-support (correlated or uncorrelated excitations)
[V2.01.313] SDLD313 - mass spring system with 2 DOF hysteretic damping
[V2.01.320] SDLD320 - Transient response of a free system of three masses and two springs under harmonic excitation
[V2.01.321] SDLD321 - transient dynamic response of a harmonic oscillator with variable damping
[V2.01.325] SDLD325 - transient dynamic response of a damped mass-spring system with 2 DOF
[V2.01.400] SDLD400 - Système étoilé masse-ressort
[V2.02.001] SDLL01 - simply supported short beam
[V2.02.002] SDLL02 - slender beam, clamped-free, folded on itself
[V2.02.004] SDLL04 - slender beam on two supports, coupled with a mass-spring system
[V2.02.006] SDLL06 - Transient response of a pole-free recessed
[V2.02.008] SDLL08 - Roasting plan beams (metal profiles)
[V2.02.009] SDLL09 - Vibration of a beam of slender rectangular variable (flush-free)
[V2.02.010] SDLL10 - variable rectangular beam (flush-recessed)
[V2.02.011] SDLL11 - thin circular ring free-free
[V2.02.014] SDLL14 - Modes of vibration of a thin pipe elbow
[V2.02.015] SDLL15 - slender beam, clamped-free, with eccentric mass or inertia
[V2.02.023] SDLL23 - Built-free beam subjected to an earthquake (spectral response)
[V2.02.100] SDLL100 - transient dynamic response of a beam in simple tension
[V2.02.101] SDLL101 - Vibration of a beam with prestress
[V2.02.102] SDLL102 - Portico subject to electrodynamic forces
[V2.02.104] SDLL104 - primary and secondary structures subjected to random excitation
[V2.02.105] SDLL105 - pipe subjected to random excitation source fluid
[V2.02.106] SDLL106 - beam subject to distributed random excitation
[V2.02.107] SDLL107 - Calculation transition of a beam under random excitation
[V2.02.108] SDLL108 - "coffee table" of NEUBERT
[V2.02.109] SDLL109 - Recipe of the reversal of the code by GC-LICE Code_Aster restricted access
[V2.02.110] SDLL110 - long beam cantilever overhang under fluid-elastic excitations and turbulent: ANL tests
[V2.02.112] SDLL112 - Seismic analysis of multi-supported beam (spectral response)
[V2.02.113] SDLL113 - Sub-structuring transitional dynamics: a simple beam in tension
[V2.02.115] SDLL115 - Structure subject to fluid excitation forces and moments like one-time restricted access
[V2.02.116] SDLL116 - beam subjected to turbulent excitation spread restricted access
[V2.02.117] SDLL117 - beam subject to multiple areas of fluid-elastic excitations and random transverse
[V2.02.118] SDLL118 - beam subject to axial excitation fluide_élastique
[V2.02.119] SDLL119 - Beam-beam excitation in fluid-elastic axial
[V2.02.120] SDLL120 - Tube under excitation axial fluid-elastic damping fluid at rest restricted access
[V2.02.121] SDLL121 - Beam tube with a grid under excitation axial fluid-elastic restricted access
[V2.02.123] SDLL123 - Frequency of a shaft with simplified gyroscope
[V2.02.124] SDLL124 - Campbell Diagram of a beam with 3 discs submitted to the gyroscope
[V2.02.125] SDLL125 - Campbell Diagram of a beam with 2 discs and 2-stage non-symmetrical
[V2.02.126] SDLL126 - Transient response of a beam with three rotating disks subject to the gyroscope
[V2.02.127] SDLL127 - Shaft with rotor circular section variable
[V2.02.128] SDLL128 - Line of trees with characteristics of levels depending on the speed
[V2.02.129] SDLL129 - Poutre en rotation avec 3 disques et 2 paliers non symétriques soumise à la gyroscopie avec prise en compte de caractéristiques variables en fonction de la vitesse de rotation
[V2.02.130] SDLL130 - Seismic Response of a reinforced concrete beam (rectangular) to linear behavior
[V2.02.131] SDLL131 - Calculation of seismic pipe VVP. Aster-comparison SYSPIPE restricted access
[V2.02.132] SDLL132 - Methods associated with a frame beams multi-fiber
[V2.02.133] SDLL133 - Calculation of prestressed normal modes of a bladed wheel
[V2.02.134] SDLL134 - Connors method to analyze the vibrational behavior of tubes GV restricted access
[V2.02.135] SDLL135 - Dynamic Response of a beam-pipe built-Free
[V2.02.137] SDLL137 - Modification of a structural beam
[V2.02.140] SDLL140 - Calculation of eigenmodes of a beam with 3 discs, subject to the gyroscopic effect
[V2.02.141] SDLL141 - Natural frequencies of a beam only, subject to the gyroscopic effect
[V2.02.144] SDLL144 – Transitoire de vitesse d'une poutre en rotation avec un disque
[V2.02.146] SDLL146 - Validation des éléments « barres » en dynamique
[V2.02.147] SDLL147 – Simple poutre verticale montée sur un ressort soumise à un séisme
[V2.02.148] SDLL148 – définition d'un inter-spectre analytique d'excitation sur une poutre et projection sur base modale
[V2.02.149] SDLL149 – Calcul sismique de la tuyauterie BM3 (test NRC)
[V2.02.150] SDLL150 - Modes propres d’une poutre à âme excentrée
[V2.02.151] SDLL151 - Modes propres d'une poutre viscoélastique encastrée - libre
[V2.02.152] SDLL152 – Validation des opérateurs d’interaction fluide-structure restricted access
[V2.02.302] SDLL302 – Poutre soumise à l'accélérogramme « El Centro » à chacune de ses extrémités, l'une déphasée par rapport à l'autre
[V2.02.311] SDLL311 - transient dynamic response of a beam in tension under displacement imposed
[V2.02.400] SDLL400 - beam vibration with eccentric center of torsion
[V2.02.401] SDLL401 - straight beams inclined at 20 °, subjected to sinusoidal efforts
[V2.02.403] SDLL403 - Vibrations of a rotating pendulum
[V2.02.501] SDLL501 - Poutre courte en porte-à-faux sous excitations fluide-élastique et turbulente : essais ANL restricted access
[V2.02.502] SDLL502 - Poutre moyenne en porte-à-faux sous excitations fluide-élastique et turbulente : essais ANL restricted access
[V2.02.503] SDLL503 - Poutre encastrée-libre sous excitations fluide-élastique et turbulente : essais AECL restricted access
[V2.02.504] SDLL504 - Modèle réduit de cintre de GV sous excitations diphasiques fluide-élastique et turbulente : essais CLOTAIRE restricted access
[V2.02.505] SDLL505 - Poutre bi-encastrée sous excitations fluide-élastique et turbulente : essais INDIGO 1 restricted access
[V2.02.506] SDLL506 - Poutre multi-supportée sous excitations fluide-élastique et turbulente : essais INDIGO 2 restricted access
[V2.02.507] SDLL507 - Poutre montée sur lame flexible sous excitations fluide-élastique et turbulente  : essais DIVA restricted access
[V2.02.508] SDLL508 - Poutre montée sur corde à piano sous excitations fluide-élastique et turbulente  : essais VISCACHE 1 restricted access
[V2.02.509] SDLL509 - Poutre montée sur corde à piano sous excitations fluide-élastique dans une configuration à pas carré : essais VISCACHE 2 restricted access
[V2.03.001] SDLS01 - thin square plate, free at the edge or flush
[V2.03.002] SDLS02 - diamond thin plate flush to the edge
[V2.03.003] SDLS03 - thin rectangular plate simply supported at the edges
[V2.03.004] SDLS04 - Sub-ring structure: thin annular plate embedded in its hub
[V2.03.007] SDLS07 - modes of a thin spherical shell
[V2.03.008] SDLS08 - modes of a square plate calculated based on reduced
[V2.03.100] SDLS100 - Study mesh on a thin square plate
[V2.03.102] SDLS102 - Vibration of a blade-free compression
[V2.03.103] SDLS103 - coaxial shells in annular flow: inertial coupling between modes
[V2.03.104] SDLS104 - coaxial shells in écoulementannulaire
[V2.03.105] SDLS105 - flat plate subjected to a homogeneous turbulence
[V2.03.106] SDLS106 - Calculation of plate modal substructuring with Ritz basis
[V2.03.107] SDLS107 – Cylindre soumis à une turbulence en écoulement annulaire axial
[V2.03.108] SDLS108 - Using the option RIGI_PARASOL as part of an EPR study restricted access
[V2.03.109] SDLS109 - frequency of a thick cylindrical ring
[V2.03.111] SDLS111 - Sub-dynamic structure: triangular plate
[V2.03.112] SDLS112 - Extrapolation of measurements on a 2D model (test GARTEUR)
[V2.03.113] SDLS113 - Plaque plane strain under pressure harmonic
[V2.03.114] SDLS114 - Calculation of stress intensity factors of a cracked plate by modal recombination
[V2.03.115] SDLS115 - Comparison with the analytical solution of a plate in tension
[V2.03.116] SDLS116 - Plate load transient dynamic treated explicitly.
[V2.03.118] SDLS118 - Response of a rigid circular foundation to a seismic excitation variable space
[V2.03.119] SDLS119 - Plaque on supports subjected to an acceleration of Ricker (time-frequency method)
[V2.03.120] SDLS120 - 2D cracked plate subjected to loading in Mode I. Validation of the calculation with X-FEM modal
[V2.03.121] SDLS121 - resetting the parameters of a dynamic model for modal analysis
[V2.03.122] SDLS122 - Analyse modale d'une plaque appuyée sur ses coins – Sous structuration
[V2.03.123] SDLS123 – Poutre droite avec amortissement de Rayleigh (comportement élastique
[V2.03.124] SDLS124 - Plaque excentrée en flexion sous chargement dynamique
[V2.03.126] SDLS126 - Courbe de fragilité sur la maquette SMART restricted access
[V2.03.127] SDLS127 - Réponse harmonique d'une plaque sandwich viscoélastique encastrée sur un bord
[V2.03.128] SDLS128 - Sollicitation sismique d'une colonne de sol avec le modèle linéaire équivalent restricted access
[V2.03.129] SDLS129 - Calcul modal d'une étoile à trois branches
[V2.03.130] SDLS130 – Fréquence naturelle d'une plaque composite stratifiée composée de 8 plis
[V2.03.139] SDLS139 - identification effort fluids on a wire frame
[V2.03.140] SDLS140 - Propagation d'ondes dans un canyon semi-circulaire
[V2.03.141] SDLS141 - Sollicitation sismique d'une colonne de sol (Comparaison PRENOLIN) restricted access
[V2.03.300] SDLS300 - Air cooler subjected to ground excitation
[V2.03.501] SDLS501 - Free Vibrations of a corrugated sheet
[V2.03.502] SDLS502 - square plate "solid" simply supported
[V2.03.503] SDLS503 - bending vibration of a sandwich beam
[V2.03.504] SDLS504 - lateral buckling of a beam (spill)
[V2.03.505] SDLS505 - Buckling of a cylindrical shell under external pressure
[V2.04.100] SDLV100 - Vibration of a beam of slender rectangular variable (flush-free)
[V2.04.111] SDLV111 - Homogenization of a network of beams in an incompressible fluid
[V2.04.120] SDLV120 - Absorption of a compression wave in an elastic bar
[V2.04.121] SDLV121 - plane shear wave in an elastic column
[V2.04.122] SDLV122 - extrapolation of local measurements on a complete model (3D)
[V2.04.123] SDLV123 - Calcul de G élastodynamique en milieu infini pour une fissure plane de longueur finie
[V2.04.124] SDLV124 - keypad volume under pressure harmonic
[V2.04.125] SDLV125 - Identification de chargement à partir de la réponse interspectrale
[V2.04.128] SDLV128 - Expansion modale sur un tube cylindrique 3D à partir de mesures extensiométriques
[V2.04.129] SDLV129 - Calculation fatigue vibration of a blade fan
[V2.04.130] SDLV130 - 3D cracked plate subjected to loading in Mode I. Validation of the calculation with X-FEM modal
[V2.04.131] SDLV131 - Simulation of a strain gauge by the command OBSERVATION
[V2.04.132] SDLV132 - Consideration by sub-structuring, a generalized mass in a calculation of modal line of trees
[V2.04.133] SDLV133 – Résolution harmonique d’un cylindre de sol creusé dans un milieu homogène semi-infini
[V2.04.134] SDLV134 - Sous-structuration cyclique : Poutre cantilever – présence de nœuds libres sur l'axe
[V2.04.135] SDLV135 - Création de signaux sismiques spatiaux
[V2.04.136] SDLV136 - Analyse sismique spectrale d'un groupe moto-pompe restricted access
[V2.04.301] SDLV301 – Sous-structuration cyclique : rouet de pompe
[V2.04.302] SDLV302 – Analyse modale par sous-structuration : poutre bi-appuyée
[V2.04.401] SDLV401 - Sphere full free-free
[V2.04.402] SDLV402 - Sub-structure dynamics: inconsistent and mesh mode
[V2.05.001] SDLX01 - Bending of a symmetric portal
[V2.05.002] SDLX02 - Piping: Problem Hovgaard. Spectral analysis
[V2.05.003] SDLX03 - Assembly of thin rectangular plates braced
[V2.05.004] SDLX04 - Ferraillage d’un bâtiment soumis à un chargement sismique restricted access
[V2.05.100] SDLX100 - Transient response of a plate with a pressure field resulting from ENSIGHT restricted access
[V2.05.101] SDLX101 - Vérification du chaînage MISS3D‑Code_Aster dans le cas d'un bâtiment de grande taille
[V2.05.102] SDLX102 – Interaction structure - sol - structure paramétrique entre deux bâtiments de niveau
[V2.05.103] SDLX103 – Interaction structure - sol - structure entre deux bâtiments enfouis
[V2.05.104] SDLX104 - Mise en œuvre de la méthode de réduction modale dans le chaînage MISS3D‑Code_Aster
[V2.05.105] SDLX105 – Impédances de sol sous une fondation cylindrique creusée dans un milieu bi-couche
[V2.05.106] SDLX106 – Impédances de sol sous une fondation rectangulaire enfoncée dans un milieu homogène
[V2.05.107] SDLX107 – Méthodologie de calcul d'un groupe de pieux au séisme restricted access
[V2.05.108] SDLX108 – Interaction sol - structure sur un bâtiment enfoui dans un sol stratifié sous l'effet d'une excitation sismique 3D variable en espace restricted access
[V2.05.201] SDLX201 - Test de non-régression : modes propres
[V2.05.300] SDLX300 - Piping subjected to excitation displacement, velocity, acceleration
[V2.05.301] SDLX301 - Building floor-column subjected to an asymmetrical horizontal excitation
[V2.05.302] SDLX302 - beams fixed and concentrated mass subjected to a force transverse random
[V2.05.400] SDLX400 - Poutre articulée sur appui élastique
[V2.06.100] SHLL100 - Frequency response of a bar for dynamic substructuring
[V2.06.101] SHLL101 - straight beams. Harmonic analysis
[V2.06.102] SHLL102 - Frequency response of a beam with 3 discs, subject to the gyroscopic effect
[V2.06.103] SHLL103 - Frequency response of a rotor with two disks and two non-symmetrical levels, subject to the gyroscopic effect
[V2.07.100] SHLV100 - Frequency response of a hollow cylinder in plane strain
[V2.07.301] SHLV301 – Réponse harmonique par sous-structuration : poutre bi-appuyée
[V2.08.011] FORMA11 - Practical training dynamic modal analysis
[V2.08.012] FORMA12 - Practical training with dynamic analysis Code_Aster
[V2.08.013] FORMA13 - Travaux pratiques de la formation «Analyse dynamique» : sous-structuration dynamique