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Reference - R7 - 70 documents
[R7.01.01] Constitutive law for the creep of concrete GRANGER_FP
[R7.01.02] Modeling of pretension cables
[R7.01.03] Constitutive law BETON_DOUBLE_DP with double Drücker Prager criterion for concrete cracking and compression
[R7.01.04] Constitutive law ENDO_ISOT_BETON
[R7.01.06] Constitutive law for the creep of concrete BETON_UMLV_FP
[R7.01.08] Mazars damage model
[R7.01.09] Constitutive law ENDO_ORTH_BETON
[R7.01.10] THHM models
[R7.01.11] THHM constitutive laws
[R7.01.12] Modelling of thermo-hydration, drying and shrinkage of concrete
[R7.01.13] CJS constitutive law for geomechanics
[R7.01.14] Constitutive law CAM_CLAY
[R7.01.15] Constitutive law LAIGLE
[R7.01.16] Integration of Drucker-Prager constitutive laws DRUCK_PRAGER and DRUCK_PRAG_N_A and post-processing
[R7.01.17] Constitutive law for the porous media: BARCELONE model
[R7.01.18] Constitutive law modified HOEK_BROWN
[R7.01.19] Modeling the creep / plasticity coupling for concrete
[R7.01.20] Behavior of the steel subjected to corrosion
[R7.01.21] Constitutive law (2D) for the steel-concrete connection: JOINT_BA
[R7.01.22] Viscoplastic constitutive law VISC_DRUC_PRAG
[R7.01.23] Constitutive law with cyclical behavior for soil HUJEUX
[R7.01.24] Viscoplastic constitutive law LETK
[R7.01.25] Constitutive laws for dams joints : JOINT_MECA_RUPT and JOINT_MECA_FROT
[R7.01.26] Constitutive law BETON_RAG
[R7.01.27] Loi de comportement BETON_REGLE_PR
[R7.01.28] Loi de Mohr-Coulomb
[R7.01.29] Loi de comportement ENDO_HETEROGENE
[R7.01.31] Consitutive law for reinforced concrete plates GLRC_DAMAGE
[R7.01.32] GLRC_DM constitutive law
[R7.01.33] Coupling elasto-plasticity and damage
[R7.01.34] Schémas volumes finis SUSHI pour la modélisation des écoulements insaturés miscibles
[R7.01.35] Relation de comportement BETON_BURGER pour le fluage du béton
[R7.01.36] Relation de comportement KIT_RGI restricted access
[R7.01.37] Dissipative Homogenised Reinforced Concrete (DHRC) constitutive model devoted to reinforced concrete plates
[R7.01.38] Loi d'Iwan pour le comportement cyclique de matériaux granulaires
[R7.01.39] Loi de Rankine
[R7.01.40] Modèle de comportement LKR
[R7.02.01] Energy release rate in linear thermoelasticity
[R7.02.03] Energy release rate in nonlinear thermoelasticity
[R7.02.04] Modèle de Beremin
[R7.02.05] Calculation of stress intensity factors in plane linear thermoelasticity
[R7.02.06] Weibull and Rice-Tracey models
[R7.02.07] Energy release rate in thermo-elasto-plasticity - GTP approach
[R7.02.08] Calculation of stress intensity factor by extrapolation of the displacement field
[R7.02.09] Identification of the Weibull model
[R7.02.10] Simplified analysis of noxiousness of default by the K-beta method
[R7.02.11] CZM cohesive behavior laws and load control
[R7.02.12] eXtended Finite Element Method XFEM
[R7.02.13] Algorithmes de propagation de fissures avec X-FEM
[R7.02.14] Element with internal discontinuity
[R7.02.15] Modeling cracks with hydro-mechanical coupling in saturated porous media
[R7.02.16] Rate of return of elastic energy in thermo-elasto-plasticity Gp approach
[R7.02.17] Fissure équivalente à partir d'un champ d'endommagement
[R7.02.18] Élément hydro-mécanique couplé avec XFEM
[R7.02.19] Éléments cohésifs avec X-FEM
[R7.02.20] Computation of T-stress by extrapolation of displacement field
[R7.04.01] Estimation of lifetime in high cycle and low cycle fatigue
[R7.04.02] Estimation of fatigue under random loading
[R7.04.03] Post-processing according to the RCC-M
[R7.04.04] Criteria of multiaxial fatigue initiation with a large number of cycle: models and MATAK DANG VAN and MATAKE
[R7.04.05] Algorithm for computing densities of reinforcement
[R7.04.10] Wear simulation
[R7.05.01] Criteria for structural stability
[R7.06.01] Modélisation de la déformation des assemblages combustibles avec l'outil MAC3 restricted access
[R7.07.01] Computation of limit load by the method of Norton-Hoff-Fria, behavior NORTON_HOFF
[R7.10.01] Post-processing of random reactions
[R7.10.02] Post-processing of modal calculations with shock
[R7.10.03] Post-processing calculations for shafts: Campbell diagram
[R7.20.01] Projection of a field on a mesh
[R7.20.02] Extrapolation of measurements on a numerical model for dynamics